Wednesday , March 15 2017

Kashmiris observe Youm-e-Ilhaq-e-Pakistan today

Kashmiris observe Youm-e-Ilhaq-e-Pakistan today

ISLAMABAD: Kashmiris living in Azad Kashmir, held Kashmir, Pakistan and everywhere throughout the world will watch the Day of Annexation to Pakistan (Youm-e-Ilhaq-e-Pakistan) today (July 19, Tuesday).

The general population crosswise over Pakistan will likewise watch Youm-e-Ilhaq-e-Pakistan to show solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren. Unique petitions will be masterminded the freedom of Kashmiris. Political, religious gatherings and common society associations will hold diverse occasions to show solidarity with the Kashmiris. The general population of Kashmir watched Youm-e-Ilhaq-e-Pakistan on July 19, 1948 and they day has been watched each year from that point forward.

In the interim, the Senate consistently passed a determination communicating solidarity with the Kashmiris and censuring the killings, captures and damaging of Kashmiris by Indian powers in involved Kashmir, approaching the UN to execute its resolutions instantly and hold an unbiased plebiscite in the held valley.

The determination mutually moved by legislators, Mushahid Hussain Sayed of PML-Q and PPP’s Sehar Kamran, was collectively received by the House expressing that ‘the Senate censures the fierce utilization of power by Indian troops on guiltless Kashmiris which brought about passings of honest individuals’. It was a private individuals day, as the Senate started its 250th session.

“The UN must get its resolutions actualized quickly and hold a straightforward plebiscite in the valley under its own supervision,” said Mushahid, including, “The late rush of ruthless and additional legal killings of Kashmiri Muslims and mangling of young men and young ladies by Indian strengths in Indian held Kashmir is not satisfactory,” the determination said.

The Senate called upon the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), global human rights guard dogs and universal group to assume their due part in controling the Indian barbarities on guiltless individuals by Indian troops.

The House approached the administration to take up the issue at the universal level other than endeavoring endeavors to determine the issue at political level, saying the Indian barbarities on blameless Kashmiris, who were battling for their entitlement to self-determination, had crossed every one of the breaking points of goodness that couldn’t be ignored.

The Senate passed another determination paying shining tributes to Pakistan’s top humanitarian late Abdus Sattar Edhi. The officials were likewise consistent in saying that while the country was regularly isolated on social, ethnic and religious strife, Edhi won appreciation from each strata of the general public for a plain way of life that was just given to helping the poor paying little respect to their experience.

Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani additionally constituted a board of trustees that would seek after the case that Edhi be given a Nobel Prize for his administrations to the humankind, which was recognized over the globe. The advisory group would include previous Senate executives Muhammad Mian Soomro, Waseem Sajjad, Dr Farooq H Naek, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, the Leader of the House in Senate Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq and the Leader of Opposition in the Senate Aitzaz Ahsan.

At the point when pointed out by PTI’s Senator Muhammad Azam Swati that the Nobel Prize couldn’t be granted post mortem, the executive said whether it was recompensed after the demise or not, the advisory group would seek after the case. Rabbani likewise reported that every representative would contribute Rs20,000 from his/her pay, through which four ambulances would be bought for the Edhi focuses in every region.

The determination moved by the pioneer of the house portrayed Edhi as a national saint and said his demise was a misfortune for Pakistan as well as the whole humankind.

“Edhi’s administrations for the humankind will dependably be recollected. In spite of his huge acclaim and unlimited aggregates of cash, Edhi stuck to an exceptionally basic way of life. Edhi had a conventional Islamic foundation yet he had an open and dynamic personality on various touchy social issues,” it included.

The administrators having a place with various political gatherings glided a suggestion that substance on the life and administrations of the late Ehdi be incorporated into the national educational programs, other than building a national landmark after his name too seeking after his case that he ought to be given the Nobel Prize.

PPP’s Senator Saeed Ghani, PML-Q’s Mushahid Hussain, Ilyas Bilour of ANP, the National Party’s Hasil Bizenjo, Mushahdiullah Khan, Nehal Hashmi of PML-N, PkMAP’s Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar, Khalida Perveen of PPP and JUI-F’s Hafiz Hamdullah likewise addressed pay tributes to the top social specialist.

The House likewise passed a consistent determination recognizing the immense commitments of Amjad Sabri Shaheed as a Qawwal, craftsman, and philanthropic. The determination said that Sabri conveyed numerous shrubs to Pakistan as his commitments improved the way of life of the nation.

“His demise is an awesome misfortune for his family as well as for Pakistan and the whole Muslim world. Amjad Sabri introduced the work of his dad and uncle in another light, which helped the more youthful era interface with Qawwali, something which had not happened before,” it included.

“Sabri’s passing is an extraordinary misfortune to the universe of Qawwali however his entrancing kalams and Qawwalis will never give him a chance to kick the bucket in the hearts of his fans,” it said, including “Senate communicates its solid judgment of homicide of Amjad Sabri and desires Sindh, governments and law implementation offices to make quick move to secure every one of the guilty parties required in the horrifying homicide.”

Prior, the House Business Advisory Committee (HBAC) of the Senate gave formal endorsement to the revisions to the Rules of Procedure in Conduct of Business in the Senate, 2012 for constitution of a Public Accounts Committee of the Upper House of Parliament.

In any case, the HBAC chose that the proposed corrections would be laid before the House for requesting last endorsement. The board of trustees trusted that in two weeks the legislature would react on the issue of joint Public Accounts Committee. The advisory group meeting was directed by the Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani.