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5.0 magnitude quake shakes Tokyo

5.0 magnitude quake shakes Tokyo

TOKYO: A 5.0 greatness quake shook Tokyo and vast regions of eastern Japan Sunday, the US Geological Survey said, however there were no prompt reports of harm or losses.

The tremor hit at 1:24 pm (0424 GMT) with its epicenter at a moderately shallow profundity of 40 kilometers in Ibaraki, upper east of the capital, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

No harm or wounds were instantly reported as structures in Tokyo were shaken by the jar.

“Shinkansen” shot train administrations were briefly suspended in the area, while no variation from the norm was checked at atomic force offices in Tokai, Ibaraki prefecture, authorities and nearby media said.

Japan sits at the intersection of four tectonic plates and encounters various generally vicious shudders each year, however unbending construction standards and strict implementation mean even capable tremors oftentimes do little harm.

An enormous undersea shudder that hit in March 2011 sent a tidal wave barrelling into Japan’s upper east drift, executing more than 15,000 individuals and sending three reactors into emergency at the Fukushima atomic plant.