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Bilawal promises to make Kashmir ‘The Valley of Benazir’

Bilawal promises to make Kashmir ‘The Valley of Benazir’

MUZAFFARABAD, AJK: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has guaranteed to individuals of Azad Kashmir that on the off chance that they would choose PPP in coming race he would make Kashmir ‘Waadi e Benazir (The valley of Benazir).

“On the off chance that the valley would look like Benazir, it would resemble a mother,” he said.

Tending to an open rally Friday at Muzaffarabad, he encouraged the general population to vote in favor of PPP, vote in favor of a quiet Kashmir, and vote in favor of Bilawal.

He said PPP has clear position on terrorism. We are against every one of the terrorists, including Modi and TTP.

“Tallness of ruthlessness is that deadly pellets are being terminated on Kashmir kids however Nawaz Sharif has deliberately ignored to it. Nawaz Sharif is noiseless over the Indian strengths’ abominations with the ladies,” he said.

He doubted for how often has Nawaz Sharif raised Kashmir issue on global discussion in 3 years?

“On the off chance that PPP didn’t raise the voice against Indian severity, PM would not declare solidarity with Kashmiris,” he kept up.

While attacking at fund pastor Ishaq Dar, Bilawal Bhutto said the individual bookkeeper of Nawaz Sharif now makes the financial strategies of Pakistan.

He said account clergyman himself acknowledged that legislature has neglected to meet any objectives in 3 years.

“The financial arrangements of PMLN are for the rich, not for poor people. Under PMLN government, rich is getting wealthier and the poor poorer,” he asserted.

Bilawal Bhutto said all the human advancement ventures like BISP, Waseela Haq/Rozgar, CPEC, Gwadar, IP gas pipeline were given by PPP.

“The greatest undertakings in the historical backdrop of Kashmir have likewise been given by the PPP,” he said.