Thursday , March 16 2017

Violating human rights in occupied Kashmir is India’s track record: FO

Violating human rights in occupied Kashmir is India’s track record: FO

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office on Thursday said that India’s reputation was loaded with human rights infringement in possessed Kashmir.

In its week after week preparation, the Foreign Office said that it had raised the issue of Kashmir on each stage and would keep on doing so.

As to late remarks made by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani several days prior, the Foreign Office representative said that such remarks made by the Afghan President could bring about harm.

“Such articulations can just convey advantage to those nations who don’t need peace,” he said. “Whatever happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan is constantly influenced by it.”

Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan was completing positive and solid strides against terrorism. He facilitate said that Pakistan was a partner in the peace that was in Afghanistan.

The representative for the Foreign Office likewise said that Pakistan had endured more than all countries consolidated. He assist said that India’s approaches were obstructing peace in the district.

“India does not qualify to be a perpetual individual from the Security Council,” he said. “Damaging human rights in involved Kashmir is India’s reputation.”

The Foreign Office said that Kashmir was a vital issue in light of which wars had been battled henceforth the arrangement just lay in transactions

The Foreign Office likewise said that John McCain had visited North Waziristan and was fulfilled by the lawfulness circumstance in the area. The FO representative additionally said that from Obama to John McCain, everybody knew with respect to Pakistan’s part in the war on dread.

The Foreign Office likewise said that the Congress meeting which was held to boycott help to Pakistan would not yield positive results.