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12 Pakistanis arrested over Saudi attacks including Medina

12 Pakistanis arrested over Saudi attacks including Medina

RIYADH: Nineteen individuals, including 12 Pakistani nationals, have been captured in Saudi Arabia taking after suicide assaults on Monday, including one close to Islam’s second-holiest site in the city of Medina, the kingdom’s Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

Seven individuals are accepted to have been murdered and two injured in the Medina assaults, at a mosque in Qatif and in western Jeddah, the monetary capital, not a long way from the US office.

A 26-year-old Saudi man, Naer Moslem Hammad al-Balawi, who had a “background marked by medication use” had been distinguished as the culprit of the Medina assault, the service said in an announcement.

Four individuals were killed in the Medina blast close to the Prophet’s Mosque, which came as Muslims arranged during the current week’s Eid al-Fitr celebration denoting the end of the heavenly fasting month of Ramadan.

The body parts of three individuals were found after another suicide besieging in the Shiite-populated Gulf city of Qatif, the service said prior.

Two cops were injured the Jeddah assault. The US international safe haven in Riyadh reported no losses among office staff amid the assault, which concurred with the US July 4 Independence Day occasion.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed receptacle Nayef, the inside priest, said while going to the injured policemen in Jeddah that the assaults would “just build our solidarity and make us more grounded.”

No gathering has asserted obligation regarding Monday’s assaults in this way. In any case, a progression of bombings and shootings asserted by the Islamic State gathering (IS) in Saudi Arabia since late 2014 has focused on minority Shiites and additionally the security powers, slaughtering handfuls.

Most assaults have occurred in Eastern Province. IS gathering pioneer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has called for assaults against Saudi Arabia, which is participating in the US-drove coalition bombarding the jihadists in Syria and Iraq.