Pakistani man blamed for suicide attack in Jeddah

RIYADH: A suicide aircraft who exploded himself early Monday close to the American department in Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea city of Jeddah was a Pakistani national, guaranteed Saudi inside service on Tuesday.

As per Saudi authorities, the aircraft was recognized as Abdullah Gulzar Khan who moved to the Kingdom 12 years prior and was staying with his significant other and in-laws in Jeddah.

Manzoorul Haq, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, declined to remark on the report.

Addressing Geo News, he said “I cannot remark since it is just news report… it is preparatory report and we will need to hold up before making any remarks”.

He said Pakistan dependably remained by Saudi Arabia and will likewise do as such later on.

The assault close US Consulate took after two more bombings in Medina and Qatif urban areas murdering four security authorities at the security central station of Masjid Al-Nabawi.

A Saudi authority said an aggressor stopped an auto close to the US office in Jeddah before exploding the gadget.

Saudi-possessed al-Arabiya TV said an underlying loss of life from the Medina impact included three suicide planes and two security powers officers.