Gangaa 23 August 2016 Written Episode Update

Madhvi leaves the room and comes to search for papers in Niranjan’s office. She a material wrapped e book, and find Rahat and Niranjan’s pics together, a dried rose within the diary. She reads, his life became lonely and meaningless but it has modified on the grounds that she came into his existence, thank you for coming into his lifestyles. Another word with a film ticket, in which Niranjan was expressing that he changed into lost in her face even as watching the movie on a seat so near her. She cries badly, pronouncing it changed into all in the front of her eyes but she couldn’t see it. She in no way questioned about his past, and turned into betrayed so badly. Supriya tries to console her, however Madhvi cries that her believe, her circle of relatives and the entirety else has ended. She asks to live in isolation for a while. She reads the opposite leafs of the diary, wherein Niranjan wrote

he delivered all of the reminiscences in their togetherness together with him to London.
Rudra involves Zoya from in the back of, she reveals every other manner to escape. They all observe her. Niranjan watches Sagar chasing Rudra. Ganga comes calling Zoya, the inspector deters Rudra to shoot him however he doesn’t prevent. Zoya runs into a hiding in an old constructing. Rudra follows her interior, Rahat is going behind them. Zoya comes upstairs to the roof and turned into approximately to delete the video, Rudra comes to grasp it from her. Rahat involves seize the digital camera off her hand, and questions Rudra why is he behind her daughter. Rudra requests her to look at the video in digital camera, Zoya’s fact would come to her. Zoya hugs Rahat, Rahat assures Rudra can’t ruin whatever approximately Zoya. Rudra snatches the digicam, Zoya attempts to take it lower back however he pushes her away. He performs the video to Zoya, in which she accepts she became the only to accuse Rudra falsely of Akhtar’s dying and killed him herself.
Ganga and Sagar come calling Zoya and Rudra and argue about Rudra and Zoya. Rahat changed into stunned looking Zoya’s confession, then stares at Zoya who stood afraid. Rahat slaps Zoya twice, and questions if she didn’t fell ashame even as doing this all. Did she kill her very own husband? Niranjan and every body watch Rudra up on the roof, they have been all alert that Rudra can even incorporate hands. They run upstairs. Rahat accuses Zoya, and cries how she can display her face to the arena; she couldn’t convey her daughter up nicely. Zoya assaults Rahat after listeining that she will get punished, and now Rahat will prove Rudra to be innocent. Zoya snatches the digital camera, and Rahat comes to the boundary of the roof felling over. Sagar enters the roof just then, and became stunned watching Rahat cross down. Sagar accues Zoya to push her mom looking for snatching the camera. All of them hurry downstairs where Rahat become badly harm, she attempts to talk but ought to most effective factor a finger upwards.
The police arrives with the gun pointing at Rudra. Sagar comes to give an explanation for that Zoya pushed her mom. Zoya denies accusing Rudra, Ganga comes upstairs and also accuses Rudra. Sagar says Zoya attempted to snatch the digicam and pushed her mother. Ganga accuses Sagar for mendacity to store Rudra. Zoya hides the digicam in the back of, Ganga takes her downstairs. Sagar insists on the police to arrest her, she is the perpetrator. Niranjan tells Rahat that he now were given her letter, he didn’t accept as true with her however is now aware of the truth. Zoya is his daughter, he is ready to undertake her with Amma ji and Madhvi. Zoya turned into shocked hearing this,. Rahat tries to talk. The police doesn’t be given Sagar’s witness, and take into account Rudra to be the offender. Rudra factors at Sagar to get the digicam and chip from Zoya.