Dar takes strong notice of difficulties faced by pensioners

Dar takes strong notice of difficulties faced by pensioners

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar Saturday took solid notification of the challenges being confronted by beneficiaries in gathering benefits at different bank offices.

Conversing with Governor State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on phone the fund priest requesting that he contact the National Bank Authorities and change the issues of the general population.

The Minister additionally exhorted SBP to guarantee 24 hour operation of Automated Teller Machines administration by the banks to encourage clients amid the Eid occasions.

The Finance Minister said that adequate money must be kept accessible in the ATMs to encourage individuals and spare them from any detriment as per articulation issued by the service.

It is applicable to specify that the SBP has exhorted every single business bank to take essential measures for assistance of overall population by guaranteeing continuous accessibility of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) administrations on the event of Eid ul Fitr.

The ATM destinations of business banks will be analyzed by investigators of State Bank and check groups of SBP s Banking Service Corporation (BSC) field workplaces amid the period from first July 2016 till tenth July 2016 to confirm their operational status.

In perspective of the broadened Eid occasions banks have additionally been encouraged to suggest SBP BSC Field Offices ahead of time about the additional money that they may require so that sufficient game plans could be made for renewing their ATMs amid Eid Holidays.

Banks will likewise ensure that notwithstanding ATMs persistent administrations are additionally accessible on Point of Sale (POS) and other Alternative Delivery Channels (ADC) Channels.