Diya Aur Baati Hum 21 August 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts offevolved with Arpita announcing they could’t use the phone now, all networks are jammed. Sandhya says they may get alert knowing this, we have to capture them. Minister asks commissioner approximately network jam, and says our calls are imp. Commissioner says sorry, its carried out to seize a terrorist, there is chip bomb in devmata idol, we should store million of lives, our officer Sandhya Rathi did this, she desired to look at idol and you probably did now not allow her, if she tested, she would have no longer permit idol pass there, the tens of millions of people are in hazard now. The minister asks him to use pressure and defuse the bomb. Commissioner says our pleasant officers are on responsibility.

The 4 guys shoot harmless humans on the road. They take a automobile and flee. Sandhya receives informed approximately the shootout and terrorists jogging

in the direction of Ajmer toll road. Sandhya tells Arpita that the 4 guys need to no longer break out. The police body of workers take the idol to put off chip bomb and reward Sandhya. Babasa tells Bhabho that smartphone isn’t connecting. Arzoo says Vansh has come, so Sandhya and Sooraj went to take him. Sooraj comes with Ved and Vansh.
Bhabho asks Sooraj where did he move at aarti time, and sees her crying. She receives worried. The 4 guys reach a godown and say police is very smart to block all routes. Sandhya, Arpita and police personnel reach there. The guys shoot at them. Sandhya asks them to give up to shop lives. The men shoot at police. Sandhya shoots at them.

Sooraj tells everything to Bhabho. Bhabho receives bowled over and cries. Babasa and Arzoo too get bowled over. Bhabhoasks what did this happen. Vansh asks them about the murderer who killed his actual dad and mom. He asks Sooraj will Ved’s mumma trap them. Vansh says I gained’t cross from right here, they killed my mother and father, i’m able to beat them, go away me. Vansh faints. Sooraj holds him. Bhabho asks someone to get water. She sprinkles water on Vansh.

A police officer gets shot. Sandhya asks Arpita to take him and depart. Arpita asks how shall I leave you by myself with such dangerous terrorists. Sandhya says i can follow up. Arpita leaves with others. Sandhya shoots at terrorists. She sees no movement and is going out to see. The fellow asks the opposite guy to reveal his expertise now, we can’t wait extra, force can come here every time, go for it.

Sandhya looks for them. The men throw internet on her and pull her up. The 4 guys pop out and notice Sandhya.

Vikram tells Sooraj that Vansh will get first-rate if he stays with own family. All of them reach domestic. Vansh sees the residence and recollects Ankur’s death. He says leave me, this is not my residence. Sooraj says this is your house. He remembers the lie and says this isn’t always my family, own family does not lie or give baby to each person. Ved says no. Vansh says my moms and dads are dead, this is not my circle of relatives. Ved says that is our family, I m your brother. Vansh refuses to just accept them and says i will cross. He runs and Sooraj holds him. Sooraj says we can speak peacefully, I recognise a lot horrific befell with you. Vansh says you are no one to me, i can die, however now not live in this house.

The guy says its enough of cat and mouse recreation. They listen police siren. The guy shoots at Sandhya. She closes her eyes. The men smile and leave from there.