Thousands waiting to cross Torkham border

Thousands waiting to cross Torkham border



Outskirt entryway issue

LANDIKOTAL: Torkham outskirt stayed shut on the 6th successive day on Friday, constraining a great many individuals to sit tight to reopen of the course.

Pak-Afghan Dosti Bus Service overseeing chief Haji Nasir Khan said that he ran transports and taxicabs amongst Pakistan and Afghanistan, including, a large number of Afghans have been stranded in Jalalabad because of the fringe conclusion.

He said that beforehand no less than 10 Dosti transports every day crossed the fringe, transporting travelers from Peshawar to Jalalabad city of Nangarhar area in Afghanistan. He said around 2,000 Afghans and Pakistani nationals were utilizing the transport administration.

Nasir Khan said conclusion of the Torkham fringe was gravely influencing private travel and visit administrations.

“Afghans have been living in Pakistan for a long time and they consider it as their second home,” said Nasir. He said a great many Afghans in Pakistan and in Afghanistan were energetically sitting tight to reopen of Torkham outskirt so they observe EidulFitr with their relatives.

He asked for the two Muslim loving nations to determine the issue at the earliest opportunity since it was bringing on money related misfortunes to individuals from one perspective and making a cracks and contempt amongst them on the other.