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Honour killings, forced conversions intolerable: Rabbani

Honour killings, forced conversions intolerable: Rabbani

Senate boss says it’s outside his ability to grasp where the country is going

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Friday said the developing pattern of killings for the sake of honor and constrained change of non-Muslims to Islam was insufferable.

Leading the Senate session, Rabbani said it was past him where the country was going.

The upper house again communicated its worry over the expanding occurrences of burning of ladies and constrained change of non-Muslims to Islam in the nation, as the issue of constrained transformation of a Kalash young lady resounded in the House.

Rabbani said there were three to four instances of burning of ladies in a couple days and just a day ago a landowner beat a worker beat up and afterward hung him to a tree purportedly over a unimportant issue.

He said the House had as of late suspended its procedures for five minutes to surrender a wake call to the general public, which had all the earmarks of being shriveling without end and ‘as though we’re entering a period of human flesh consumption’.

Rabbani noticed that the House had officially chosen to devote an entire day amid the following session to consider on the underestimated segments of the general public and to attempt to think of some solid proposition to address the appalling pattern.

PML-Q’s Mushahid Hussain Sayed drew the House’s consideration towards the reported transformation of a Kalash young lady to Islam.

He called attention to that the Kalash people group comprising of only 4,000-5,000 individuals displayed Pakistan’s delicate picture to the world. He said there was no space for constrained changes in Islam and in such manner he alluded to a surah of the Holy Quran.

He called for ventures to ensure the minimized segments of the general public that had representation in the national banner, as the white segment of it reflected non-Muslims.

Pioneer of the House Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq said neither Islam nor our civilisation permitted driving somebody to change over to religion of our decision.

“Regardless of the possibility that a young lady grasps Islam, she returns because of family weight and this prompts strain in the general public,” he kept up.

Rabbani alluded the issue of two broken runways at the new Islamabad International Airport to the house board concerned and requesting that it report inside the principal week of the following Senate session.

The separation between the two was only 300 meters, while it must be no less than 1,300 meters according to world guidelines. Subsequently stand out runway would be operationalised and that too would not be fit for the arrival of A-380 plane.

The matter was raised by PTI’s Nauman Wazir Khattak. PML-N’s Salahuddin Tirmizi additionally talked on the matter.

Tirmizi demanded that it ought to likewise be tested why the agreement of the venture was given to a boycotted firm by the Musharraf government furthermore why a broken configuration was affirmed around then.