Zulfiqar Ali’s relatives consumed with joy as his execution is halted

Zulfiqar Ali’s relatives consumed with joy as his execution is halted

JAKARTA: The execution of Pakistani passing column detainee, Zulfiqar Ali, blamed for medication sneaking in Indonesia has been ended, Pakistan’s diplomat in Jakarta affirmed on Friday.

Zulfiqar Ali was among the 14 drug convicts who were moved to the terminating squad at an island outside Jakarta where his execution was ceased finally.

The family and relatives of Zulfiqar showed been requesting leniency and challenging outside the Indonesian international safe haven so as to highlight Zulfiqar’s blamelessness.

The relatives and companions of Zulfiqar who had accumulated for a dissent outside Ali’s living arrangement back home in Lahore broke out into festivities after listening to the news of his execution being ended.

Zulfiqar had recorded a mercy speak to the Indonesian president a day prior.

It is apropos to specify that Syed Zulfiqar Ali, a Pakistani national, was captured on medication trafficking charges from Bogor, Indonesia, in November 2004. The District Court granted him capital punishment in 2005 and the higher court maintained the choice of the locale court in 2006.

The charges were surrounded against Zulfiqar Ali on the premise of an announcement given by a solitary witness, who was himself sentenced to death. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali’s two requests for legal survey, first in 2008 and again in 2013, were turned down and he had recorded a forgiveness advance with the Indonesian President.