Serena’s Heartbreak: Williams’ Dad Suffers Debilitating Stroke

Serena’s Heartbreak: Williams’ Dad Suffers Debilitating Stroke


Serena Williams’ Wimbledon eminence has been dominated by a dull family disaster, has taken in: Her dad, Richard Williams, as of late had a stroke and has following been encountering weakening memory issues, his significant other told Radar.

Lakeisha Williams, Richard’s present spouse affirmed that he had stroke and was discharged from the healing facility a week ago. Shockingly, the medicinal emergency unfurled BEFORE Serena’s Wimbledon triumph, however she figured out how to keep the mystery from fans.

“His condition is reasonable – he’s up and strolling around however he’s not at 100 percent,” she told Radar in an elite meeting.

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In spite of the fact that he can get around, Lakeisha said that the fight for a full recuperation is a long way from being done.

“He needs language training, mental treatment and non-intrusive treatment however for the time being he won’t,” she said. “I’m attempting to get him under control and loose so that when we return from away we could attempt to get that going. In any case, he doesn’t wish to be disturbed with anyone.”

“His brain is believing that they’re going to return him in “jail” – which is the thing that he calls the healing center,” she said. “He supposes we are simply going to take him back to the healing center, however that is not right.”

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Truth be told, Lakeisha trusts that Richard, 74, is under the feeling that he never had a stroke regardless!

“His psyche is letting him know that since he was once responsible for his life, after what’s happened he’s not tolerating it. To him he’s an ordinary individual – nothing transpired,” she told Radar.

Starting now, it is hazy is the tennis player’s dad will ever be the same. Be that as it may, Lakeisha is seeking after the best and meanwhile is adapting to her better half’s new condition.

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“We need to give nature a chance to follow all the way through,” she said. “I’ve been with him quite a while so I recognize what he’s attempting to say. It resembles preparing yourself for your tyke – like an infant, you need to think for them.”

Sports fans know exactly how close Richard was to Serena and sister Venus, honing them from a youthful age and trim them into the tennis phenols they are today.