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Suryaputra Karn

Suryaputra Karn

Suryaputra Karn 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vasudev Krishna gives begin of scene good gyaan. Dhritarastra requests that Vidur go and welcome Pandavs to come and deal with kingdom and asks Bheem who slaughtered his 100 children to meet him actually. Vidur educates Krishna same. Krishna says Dhritarastra’s desire will be satisfied without a doubt, Pandavs will meet him, particularly Bheem.

Krishna persuades Pandavs to meet Dhritarastra and takes them to hastinapur royal residence. Pandavs stroll into royal residence with Draupadi. Krishna requests that gatekeeper demonstrate to him Duryodhan’s room. Watch takes him to duryodhan’s room. Krishna sees a mud icon there. Protect says Duryodhan used to practice battle on this icon. Krishna says now Duryodhan is not alive, it is the ideal opportunity for this icon to move from this room.

Pandavs reach darbar lobby and envisions it is loaded with individuals and cry that this corridor used to be full and now it is thoroughly void. Bheem says they lost their 100 siblings. Yudistra says 101 including senior sibling Karn. Dhritarastra enters and says they don’t need to apologize and what they did was correct. He requests that Bheem come and embrace him. Krishna pushes mud icon towards him. He embraces symbol supposing it as Bheem and talking sincerely curves it firmly yelling he slaughtered his 100 children. Icon breaks into pieces. He then cries noisily that he turned into child’s killer like Bheem turned into kin’s killer. Krishna says Bheem is alive and says he ought to excuse Pandavs. Gandhari enters and says she won’t excuse Krishna for deceiving and murdering her children. She reviles him that like he made her childless and no further beneficiaries, krishna will likewise be without beneficiaries and childless.

Precap: Krishna tells Gandhari that he is the person who educated Drona that Ashwathama passed on and he getting to be Drishyadumna murdered Drona