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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi



Hai companions. Thank u such a great amount for all ur profitable remarks. Tq so much Ayushi, sumaiya sumi, Sona, Marie, Nandhini, Neeti, Suman.Tq u all to such an extent. Sorry for making u ppl hold up. Presently lets move to story… … .

Recap: Sona gets India’s top most business magnate position beating Shravan and Dev. Suman praises this.

Story… …

It’s a charming morning. As regular the sisters r occupied with their work.They met at feasting table.

Sona: Suman come quick. Now is the right time.

Sumo: haan di. Two mins.

She comes and sits quickly.

Sumo: whats the brkfast?

Sona: just Ragi paratha and veg plate of mixed greens.

Sumo: yuk. Y this kolaveri di.

Sona gazes. Closed and eat dear. Today its my swing to make brk quick. So no cross inquiries. Suman makes sulk face.

Sumo: fine… then di u know right today is my last class. At that point just 1 month of entry level position in an organization. At that point my degree gets finished.

Sona: yes dr I recollect. Alright which organization r u going to decide on entry level position? Better pick our own.

Sumo: no di. On the off chance that I pick our own then u will give me 40 stamps free of expense. So I don’t need that. I am going to pick some other organization.

Sona: goodness I see. Fyn. At that point don’t let me know which organization. Do what u need.

Sona leaves with a frown face. Suman chuckles.

Bejoy: Sumo y r u upsetting her. U know ryt she is so possessive on u.

Sumo: yes daddy. Leave it alone. I will deal with my di.

Suman leaves for school.


Sona enters her organization with snazzy coolers and telephone in her ears. The distance she hears ” Good morning mam”

Her workers wishing her.

She enters her lodge. At that point enters her own secretary Mr. Shiv. He is the database of Sonakshi.

Shiv: Morning mam.

Sona: Morning shiv. Drill down todays arrangements and shedule.

Shiv: beyond any doubt mam. He drills down. Lastly, mam at 10.00 am we have meeting with Mr. Shravan Dixit, Ramnath gathering of organizations MD.

Sona : alright fine shiv. Presently u can take off.

Sona gets occupied in her work. Its 10.00 am then. She calls Shiv and gets some information about her arrangement.

Shiv: mam they haven’t come yet.

Sona: Oh. At that point sit tight for 15 more mins in the event that they didn’t turn up scratch off the arrangement. U know me a good fit for me promptness is generally vital. For the initially meet itself on the off chance that they achieve so late by what method will they work better.

Shiv: yes mam.

Ramnath and Shravan came to at 11.00 am.

Sonakshi made them sit tight for one hour as she had begun her next meeting.

At hall… ..

Shravan: daddy this is excessively. We are sitting tight here for 60 minutes. She didn’t turn up.

Ramnath: Have tolerance shravan. She is a bustling lady. What’s more, this arrangement is most essential for us.

Saying this Ramnath went to go to a call. Shravan got hyper. He went to gathering and began yelling. Sona saw it through cctv scope. She irately turned out and strolled towards Shravan.

Sona: Hello pardon me. Come to first rigging.

Shravan: what?

Sona: Then y r u hustling in fourth apparatus now. Who r u?

Shrav: U don’t even know!!!! We r sitting tight here for recent hour. I am Shravan.

Sona: Shravan implies??? R u PM?

Shravan: What trash?

Sona: same trash. R u any President r what. In the event that u say I am Shravan then I will recognize u?

Shravan exhaust.

Shravan: I am Shravan Dixit. Ramnath… .

Sona: so u r the person who came to squander my time. Ur arrangement is at 10.00 now its 12.00. U achieved 1 hour late and rather battling here. Look Mr. I esteem time a great deal. In the event that u cannot keep time then its of no utilization for u to hold up here in light of the fact that I don’t work with unpunctual individuals. So don’t squander time and leave.

Saying this sona left without hearing to the answer of Shravan. He mumbled Ms. Wafer. He gazed at her and took off. He advised Ramnath everything and requesting that he come. Ramnath said alright and he was in regards to get into auto. Simply then Sona viewed Ramnath from her lodge glass window. All of a sudden she surged outside. Ran towards their auto. Lastly halted their auto. Both Shravan and Ramnath gave a befuddled look. Ramnath left auto.

Sona: with little tears in her eyes. Uncle ji aap… ..

Ramnath got confounded.

Sona: don’t recall that me. Iam that young lady choti. Whom u hav upheld and joined the uneducated young lady in school 15 years back straightforwardly in sixth sexually transmitted disease.

Ramnath thinks and recalls the glimmer back.

Flashback: When sona was 11 years of age she is not concentrating on as she has no monetary bolster, one day she was gazing at the school going understudies. At that point a kid of her age is playing out and about without seeing the vechicles. Sona raced to him and spared him from getting hit by a truck. Its our Shravan. Ramnath expressed gratitude toward her and offered her cash. Rather sona asked for him to go along with her school saying I will pay my charges by one means or another yet please advise the school ppl to give me a seat uncle. I will read exceptionally well. Its then Ramnath made her conceded in school.After that they didn’t meet. In any case, sonakshi dependably had a sentiment obligation towards Ramnath.

Flashback closes.

Ramnath: With a grin told u r no more choti. I am upbeat that my proposal didn’t go waste.

Sona: with sorrowful eyes took gifts from him. She then took them two to her lodge.

They had some light talks. In this time Shravan was actually befuddled.

Sona: so uncle its all ur gifts. Presently let me know y would u like to me uncle.

Instantly Shravan hustles about his undertaking. Sona listens to it all.

Sona: Ok Mr. Shravan for beyond any doubt I will consider it. I will contemplate ur report once and lets choose tomorrow.

Shravan and Ramnath grinned. Ramnath then by and by favored Sona and left.


Suman achieves Ishwari organizations. Her entry level position is there. She meets Tina and gives her school points of interest. Tina goes to Dev and illuminates about her. Dev requests that her hold up. She held up and held up. Its 5 hours then. After 5 hrs Dev called Suman inside. She went.

Dev: So Ms. Suman what do u need now?

Suman: One month of preparing in ur concern sir.

Dev: Good. R u irate with me?

Suman: Honestly yes sir. U made me sit tight for 5 hours. Yet, I would not express it in light of the fact that our first lesson in workplaces is to be tolerant. What’s more, I am really glad since as of now my half day went without doing any work. I was free this time surfing web.

This answer awed Dev.

Dev: Good Ms. Suman. That is the soul. Presently u r flawlessly qualified for my organization. Proceed. All the best.

To start with day itself Suman awed Dev with her work.


Neha: In this house no body cares me. Continuously bhai. I am waste to be conceived.

Ishwari listens this with smile face. Dev enters.

Dev: Maa what happen?

Neha: ask me bhai. I told u right I need some employment in your office. What was the deal? All my school companions r doing tasks. I just didn’t concentrate more than twelfth. Its all my destiny.

Dev: Neha wo… ..

Neha : enough bhai. I don’t need clarifications. I will go to your office in two days. That is it.

Dev gets into considering. He stresses what work might I give her. She is twelfth fizzle. In what capacity will others treat her. On the off chance that they hurt her then??


Sona returns home… ..

Suman comes and gets some information about her work. Sona gives a furious look and clears out. Suman surges behind her idiom too bad. Sona doesn’t listen and enters washroom for getting fresh.Suman locks the entryway.

Sona: sumo open the entryway.

Sumo: u first converse with me.

Sona: Now open… .

Sumo: First talk.

Sona: gracious I see. In the event that u don’t open I won’t eat today.

Sumo: if u don’t eat then I won’t rest today.

Sona: don’t extortion.

Sumo: u don’t be hardheaded.

At last sona and suman both gets to be quiet. They didn’t represent 10 mins. Suman got anxious and opened the entryway. However, sona is missing. Suman entered lavatory while sona poured a can of water on her by taking cover behind the entryway. Suman then pushed sona into bathtub. They had an adorable battle. Lastly fixed up… ..

Precap: Neha comes to office. Dev wipes out meeting with Sonakshi.

So companions I know this is an exhausting epi. Sorry for that. Just two more epis to go. At that point it will get to be intriguing with our couples gatherings and battles. I will post my next epi today itself. Continue perusing. Bye.

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