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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Rahul goes to the police headquarters and demands for insights with respect to the case. The Inspector at first differs yet then gives in. The document is more unusual than the case. The weapon you utilized is fake. Nobody can be harmed in the event that he or she is shot by this. Rahul too checks it. I am not in charge of Yugant’s passing which implies Kabir shot him. He needed Manvi and me to end up Yamini’s foe.

Manvi trusts Rahul recovers some piece of information and goes ahead time. Somebody thumps on the entryway. Manvi is reluctant to open the entryway yet Shilpa advises her to proceed. Upmanyu stops her. Manvi asks resoundingly who it is. It is Raj. He requests to meet his better half. Manvi offers that Rahul has advised her against it. I won’t open the entryway till Rahul is home. she questions that it can be Sandhya as well. She apologizes to Raj for the same.

Raj demands her to open the entryway. I need to converse with Sonali. He gets Sonali’s call simply then. Why isn’t this young lady opening the entryway? Sonali requests that Manvi open the entryway. Manvi denies. it can be Sandhya in Papa’s symbol. Sonali has a thought to discover who it truly is. I saw Sandhya’s genuine personality in the mirror. I will see who it truly is. She advises Raj not to venture inside. I need to see your appearance first before giving him access. She opens the entryway marginally and gives him access seeing his appearance in mirror. She lets him know about Sandhya who can change into anybody. Raj is boggled. She requests that he come in. I will clarify everything. Yamini takes a gander at them from far. I feel sorry for them. They think they can spare Manvi by securing her like this? No ways. I will get Manvi out at any expense. They hear somebody thumping on the entryway by and by. It is Rahul. The relatives are reluctant however Manvi is certain Rahul wont request that her open the entryway as he has the keys of the home. Rahul can’t have returned from Pushpanjali Resort so soon. Raj stresses that on the off chance that it is to be sure Rahul then he can be in peril. Sandhya must be around. Sonali encourages her to bring the mirror with her. Manvi opens entryway. It ends up being Yamini. She advises Manvi to tally her breath.

Rahul is en route. I feel as though something is turning out badly. I seek Manvi dint open the entryway after anybody.

Manvi asks Sandhya for what valid reason she is doing this to them. Yamini revises her. I am not Sandhya but rather Yamini. I am your demise. She holds manvi by her throat. Nobody can spare you from me today, not even your Rahul. Baba solicits her to give up from Manvi or he will show her a lesson. Yamini limits them in their places and keeps on harming Manvi. Everybody looks on vulnerably. Rahul calls Manvi. He gets stressed when she doesn’t get. He doesn’t bounce anything turns out badly with his Manvi.

Yamini tells Manvi how Rahul is all stressed for you. Trust you had listened to him or this wouldn’t have happened. Sonali asks for her to free manvi. Yamini says she is the reason due to which my significant other was slaughtered. Manvi tries to disclose the truth to her yet Yamini does not purchase it. I will make Rahul experience the same torment that I am experiencing. I will slaughter you. She holds Manvi’s throat by and by while he family argues for help. Rahul strolls in time and holds Yamini’s hands. The relatives are free from the imperceptible shield. Rahul requests that his father take everybody inside. It is between me, Manvi and Yamini now. Raj shakes his head thus does Upmanyu however Manvi additionally asks for them.

Kabir thinks to get Yamini out of his way by one means or another. She is turning into a threat for me. Rahul tells Yamini it is sufficient. You did what you felt was correct. Hear me out at this point. Kabir is glad imagining that possibly they are battling inside. Give me a chance to see what happens. Rahul tells Yamini he dint slaughter her significant other. Kabir is the person who slaughtered your significant other. Kabir hears it from outside. How did Rahul become acquainted with about it? Inside, Yamini declines to trust Rahul’s story. You are lying! You are rebuking another person for your oversight. Rahul answers that he doesn’t have to lie. I am originating from Pushpanjali Police Station. The weapon that I utilized was fake. Yamini calls him a liar while Rahul advises her to hear him out. I dint need to go there to know anything. That night Kabir was with Yugant. Possibly it was his arrangement. Has he let you know that he has had a go at executing manvi and me in the past as well yet fizzled? Kabir met Yugant few days back and after that continued meeting him frequently. This arrangement was made a night prior. Kabir stresses that he will be in issue in light of Yamini knowing this truth now. Manvi too says Kabir is behind it. Why dint he call police or rescue vehicle? He has done it! There is one individual who can make Kabir say reality. Kabir alarms. I dint desert any witness. I murdered the director as well. Who is she discussing?

Manvi calls Payal. She puts the telephone on uproarious speaker. I will message you the photograph of somebody. Take a gander at it and let me know whether you know him. Payal perceives Kabir. He is the person who grabbed Tara (her sheep) from her. Manvi closes the call. She next advises everything to Yamini. Kabir took Tara to Yugant to offer it as a penance. He realized that we will tail him. Yamini considers what Kabir had let him know that day. I ought to trust you? Manvi gestures. Rahul and I went there for our special first night. Why will we go in that wilderness then? She at the end of the day describes everything to Yamini. Trust us. Kabir came in our life as a companion. We met him on Holi. She demonstrates her Kabir’s photograph. He acted to be our companion however then trued to slaughter us.

Rahul swings to Yamini. Disregard this. I know there is one thing that Kabir would have let you know about. Has Kabir even addressed you around an extraordinary horn with uncommon forces? Has he ever said that such a unique horn is with me which he needs? Kabir knew he isn’t so intense in order to battle with us. He utilized you to battle with us. Think about the circumstance unmistakably and you will know reality. I can lie for my family yet it isn’t required. You can check up with police. You have been utilized. Your better half has been executed to take revenge by somebody. You choose it all. Yamini thinks if Kabir utilized her. I was with them since such a variety of days yet nobody ever attempted to mischief anybody. Why dint I question Kabir? By what method would I be able to be so off-base? Kabir applauds them and strolls in.

Precap: Kabir holds Rahul’s hand. I have had enough. I will kill you today. Yamini says I will murder you before that. He shoots her when she makes one stride towards him. Kabir swings to the couple now. I know it is troublesome for you both to choose who will pass on first. Try not to stress. I will get an answer.