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Tere Bin 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on zemfresh.com

Vijaya endowments attach to Akshay. Akshay says it is pleasant. She inquires as to whether she can dorn it on his neck. He says he will wear it. She says it is solid on him. He asks event. She says endowments bring events and not something else. They both sit for breakfast. Naani says tie is great. They proceed with their discussion. Neeti says she doesn’t driver to drop her school. Akshay says why. She says Naani learnt driving and will drop her school. Akshay says wedding Vijaya get got a grinning and energetic natured saasuma.. Neeti says even she got a decent naani. Akshay wishes best fortunes to Neeti and individuals who stroll on road. Naani grins.

Akshay achieves healing facility and gets prepared in OT dress. He tries to address Nandini, yet she disregards him. He begins contending her and says he kept in mind her till

presently and even she has not overlooked him. She says she has proceeded onward in life. He says she came here seeking him, else why might she come here knowing this healing facility is his. She says on the off chance that she needed to pursuit him, it would not have been so troublesome, she cautions him to quit imagining and exits. Associates who hear their discussion talk about there is something going ahead between them.

Vijaya’s Abhaya and brother by marriage Ratan come to meet naani. Neeti get glad seeing them and they blessing choc and cake to Neeti. Neeti joyfully demonstrates blessing to Naani. Naani asks her go and play inside. Ratan says they came to look for help and his Abhaya says Ratan is jobless and if naani can prescribe Akshay to land him a position. Naani says she won’t and if necessary she will address Vijaya. Ratan insults why will she address Akshay, he is her most loved as he gave new life to Vijaya. Naani requests that he get out. He says they will meet again as they are firmly related and leaves requesting that Neeti complete cake as it is costly. Naani vapor.

Nandini achieves home furiously. Irfan asks what happened. She yells individuals trouble her a great deal when she wouldn’t like to be irritated. He lights flame and inquires as to whether she ever lit it in his nonappearance. She says she doesn’t have save time for this. He recommends her to compose journal. She says she exited this diversion long prior. He says life is a circle and interests rehash.

Ratan insults his Abhaya that her mom dependably affronts him and gestures of recognition Doctor Akshay. Spouse inquires as to why did he take out subject about Akshay and Vijaya’s marriage. He says it is their powerless point and he will control things and complete his work. She asks how. She says she is moronic and won’t comprehend it.

Neeti goes to kitchen and sees naani get ready bread cutlets and says she will eat a great deal. She then inquires as to why she was chastening Abhaya close relative. Naani asks when. Neeti says she saw when she was setting off to her room. Naani says she ought not listen to senior’s discussions like that. Neeti asks what does ehsaan mean. Naani says support. Neeti inquires as to why did Abhay uncle advised father favored to mother by wedding her. Naani stands stunned.

Precap: Nandini says Vijaya that she won’t wed in life. Vijaya inquires as to why. Nandini says a kid guaranteed to wed young lady, however he was simply playing with her life. Vijaya turns out crying. Akshay sees that however quits seeing Nandini.