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Waaris 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Waaris 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Mannu asking what book. Bebe irately gazes at Amba. Mannu says I didn’t seek book, however… Bheeru says Mannu, we will get late and takes Mannu. Amba misleads Bebe and says possibly book was in his sack. Bebe gestures. Amba gets tensed. Bebe takes off. Amba says how is Lord trying me, I can’t say truth to my kid and I can’t spare him from issues, that is the reason I didn’t wish to send him to class. Mannu returns to class. Kids ask him where did he go. School chimes rings. Kids go out to eat. Mannu goes to Raj. He holds his ears and says too bad. Raj says I don’t converse with liars, on the off chance that you inconvenience me, I will beat you with this strolling support.

Mannu says you are irate on me, I needed to go out, Sir came and its not my misstep. Raj inquires as to why did you have to go out. Mannu reviews

Amba’s words and says I can’t let you know. Raj says I thought you are my companion, yet you resemble them, I will beat you in the event that you attempt to end up my companion. Mannu says too bad. Raj moves him away.

The folks gaze at Simran. She sees Raman there. She gets out Sir and her papers tumble from her hands. Raman comes and helps her by picking papers with her. Music plays. He says I got this sunflower by trouble, I mean for herbarium document. She goes. He gets miserable and sees the sunflower. He asks his companion did Simran turn. Simran swings to Raman. The young men yell she turned. Raman grins seeing her.

Bheeru and Mannu get back home. Jagan and Raavi look on. Jagan inquires as to why are you vexed Mannu. Mannu goes to his room. Amba asks Bheeru what happened. Bheeru signs her to quiet down. Raavi says Mannu is constantly disturbed, he used to cry to go to class.

Amba converses with Mannu. Mannu says I would prefer not to have sustenance. She inquires as to why are you furious, did anybody rebuff you. Mannu’s water bottle falls. Raavi grins getting some thought. Mannu says everybody go to class’ lavatory, why wouldn’t i be able to, my companion battled with me. Bheeru comes to them. Amba says you can’t go. Mannu inquires as to why. She says you are Shah, not the same as others. Mannu says fine, if such thing happens, I will go to somebody’s home, I had torment. She says you won’t go to anybody’s home, simply house to class and school to house. She cries and supposes I m sorry, however I m doing this to conceal your truth from world.

Raavi tells Jagan that we will place poison in this jug. Jagan requests that her be tranquil. She says this is the chance, everything will get fine. He says uncertainty will go ahead us. Amba comes there and gets stunned. Jagan and Raavi stress seeing her. Jagan asks what happened. Amba says noxious scorpion. He asks what babble, I m saying… .. Amba says I m saying truth, and requests that Jagan see, there is scorpion behind him. Raavi yells seeing scorpion. Jagan gets scorpion with a scissors and says I will drop this out. Nekiram comes and says harvest has come, come and do accounts. Jagan requests that Raavi take scissors from outside and goes.

Mannu sits concentrating on. He makes sorry card for Amba. Amba gets some information about her school, does anybody trouble. Simran reviews Raman. She says its all fine, nobody pesters, I m having some good times. Amba requests that her buckle down. Mannu sees gum bottle on the rack’s top and tries to take it. He tumbles down and Amba and Simran raced to him.

Simran says its enormous damage, we will go to specialist. Amba cries and says no, its little twisted, young men don’t cry that way, go to Raavi and take medication. Simran says nobody is at home. Amba says we can’t go to specialist, hold Mannu, I will get meds. Mannu cries. Simran reassures Mannu. Mannu says its stinging a considerable measure. Amba gets prescription from Raavi’s room. She applies treatment to Mannu and says if Shah ji cries this way, in what capacity will he see others. Raavi gets back home and says everybody sit for little injuries as though elephant sat on leg. Simran says why does Amba talk sharp. Raavi sees her room entryway open and yells asking who opened my room.

She comes to Simran and says you went to my room right, don’t lie. Amba says I went there to get prescription, I would have not gone in the event that you were at home. Raavi reprimands her and asks did you check my drawers as well, what else did you take. Amba gets irate.


Simran reprimands Raavi. Amba tells Simran that she didn’t send her to class to get into mischief with senior citizens. Mannu tells Simran that he will take her side.