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Santoshi Maa 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on zemfresh.com

The Episode begins with Madhu saying I will have tea with Pratap in my room. She gets question and goes. Dhairya asks Kaka did you think Madhu will concur. Sinduri says you are correct. Kaka requests that her go and have vegs. She says its not my work, I won’t get vegs. She contends with Santoshi. Dhairya requests that her please go to advertise and get vegs. Sinduri says I m going as Dhairya is stating. She goes.

Santoshi Maa implores. She tells Indra that this Anushtaan won’t succeed till an old kund is utilized. Indra says fine, I will exhibit that kund infront of you. He displays that kund. Pratap advises Madhu that he is going to office. He clears out. Madhu is cleaning up. Kaka and Santoshi search for cabinet keys. They get the key. Kaka says its wrong key, hold it back. Kaka and Santoshi leave and avoid Madhu.


requests that auditor capture Dadi. Daksha and Madhuri protect Dadi and admonish Sharmili. Seshnath and Janardhan think their spouses made some arrangement to instruct lesson to Sharmili. They request that monitor leave their spouses. Sharmili thinks to show them a major lesson, and is furious as Guddu is not helping her.

Kaka and Santoshi make some arrangement. Santoshi says on the off chance that we utilize oil and make Madhu fall, she will question on us, as just we are at home. She gets some string and he enjoys the thought. He says she won’t question on us. She binds string to the couch legs. He checks and says its viable. Madhu comes there talking over telephone. Kaka requests that Santoshi be prepared. Madhu strolls there. Santoshi pulls string upwards. Madhu goes other way. Kaka calls Madhu to sit at one place and talk.

Santoshi rushes to get keys continued table and Dhairya comes. She stops. He says I m going out for devil work, whose keys are these. Santoshi says Madhu’s. He takes keys and requests that her give the keys to Madhu, else she will point the finger at you of burglary. He says hold up, I will give it, else she will chasten you. He gives keys back to Madhu. Madhu asks how could you have been able to you get this. He says it was there on table. She says possibly I kept there, much appreciated.

Dhairya tells Santoshi that he will come late and goes. Kaka thinks his arrangement floundered. Dhairya goes. Madhu tumbles around the string and the keys fall away. Santoshi apologizes to Santoshi Maa and says I did this to get my significant other. Madhu shouts and requests that somebody help. Kaka goes to help and tumbles down.

Santoshi helps Kkaka. Kaka picks keys. Santosshi says I will help Madhu. Madhu gets much hurt. She holds her back. She asks who tied rope here. Santoshi says woodworker came. Kaka lies. Madhu gets irate and goes. Kaka says now we need to make Madhu out of heroom. Santoshi asks how. Kaka says we will think, don’t stress. Madhu shouts with torment. Kaka and Santoshi see her in torment. Kaka alarms Madhu of inward damage. Santoshi says I will call specialist. Kaka says we ought to take Madhu to doctor’s facility, if xray is required for crack then, we can’t be inconsiderate. Santoshi says yes. Madhu asks Kaka would she be able to walk. Kaka says don’t stress, you will get fine, I will call Pratap, he will send auto for you. He calls Pratap and tells about Madhu’s damage, send auto, don’t stress.

Madhu requests that Santoshi get boiling hot water. Kaka says auto will come in some time. Madhu thinks how is Kaka stressing for me. Kaka and Santoshi make Madhu sit in auto. They send Madhu. Kaka moves that Madhu is gone. He says sorry, however individual needs to wind up awful for good work, Madhu shouts for less agony. Santoshi feels terrible. Kaka says come, we will go and do work before Madhu returns. Santoshi Maa does Anushtaan alongside Devraj Indra. Narad looks on. Indra supposes every one of my trusts are from Santoshi Maa, it will be fiasco on the off chance that she doesn’t restore Swarnrekha.