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Twenty Four (24) Season 2 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Twenty Four (24) Season 2 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update

The accompanying happens somewhere around 11am and 12 pm. Roshan asks Jai what did you say. Jai requests that he hold hands down, else the general population will see. Roshan sees cameras and leaves Jai, asking what diversion are you playing. Jai says this is reality, not a diversion, on the off chance that you need to breath free, let me do my work, Haroon has sent me. Roshan snickers and says I m here as a result of you. Jai says Haroon knows just I can get you out of here. Roshan says Haroon is stupid, however I m not. Jai says you are getting hanged tomorrow morning, we need to leave in 60 minutes, it doesn’t make a difference you accept or not, be prepared, think. He takes off.

Aditya’s mum Naina comes to meet Mishra and requests Aditya. He says we don’t have arrangement by your name. She asks does your mum take arrangement to meet you. He says no

She says great, let me know where is Aditya. He says along these lines and takes her. Gyan calls Haroon and checks whether Haroon’s number is traceable. Gyan says Jai achieved imprison and began work, Roshan will be out of prison in 60 minutes. Haroon says once Roshan leaves correctional facility, see what I do. Haroon grins. Maya looks on. Omkar covers the Rambo’s overseer’s dead body and tells Maya that Haroon can murder anybody. She says Haroon is a creature, I think… Omkar says don’t consider fleeing, else he will first execute you and after that me, on the off chance that he murders me, its great, I can’t see you with him.

She inquires as to why, you worked for them, what life would I get then, you got thinking today, you have no privilege. Omkar gets furious. They see the men taking a few things. Omkar says something important is going to happen, perhaps we are leaving the nation today, I knew about extraordinary relegation. The man calls Omkar to come soon. Maya calls Jai, and Jai does not reply as he is in prison. Magistrate says I let you know Roshan won’t say anything. Jai says attempting was my obligation. Aditya and his companion Prithvi welcome Naina. She asks Prithvi for what good reason are you acting, your spies would have let you know I m coming here, you would have educated my child, who does not meet me.

Aditya says no, we were truly occupied. She says I can see that. He says we can talk now. Prithvi says you folks talk and clears out. Aditya requests that her discussion to Prithvi to talk obliging. She says he resemble his mum, one day he will wound on your back, then you will recall that me. He asks how could you. She says I m stressed for you and Divya. He requests that her not say. She says I would have done same for you, in the event that you were in prison like Divya, you are PM and can help her.

He says you think I don’t wish her to stay with us, numerous individuals passed on in view of Divya, what might I tell those families, Divya needs to serve the discipline. She says I know, you made me leave from gathering, and don’t meet me, I think why did I not bite the dust. He says I m going to Delhi tomorrow, I have few meeting today, you stay with me, alright. She embraces him and much appreciated.

Shankar gives the cleanser to Muzaffar. Muzaffar asks official might we come to see Roshan’s passing. Chief reprimands the detainees and requests that Jai come. He says all terrorists get together. Prithvi tells Aditya that Prakash Yadav has come, he needs you to go to his girl’s marriage, he supported our gathering. Aditya says he talks a great deal. Naina says send me or go yourself, I know not the gathering. Aditya says I would prefer not to… … She requests that him not stress and approaches Prithvi to send tea for Yadav. She goes. Prithvi takes a gander at Aditya.

Shivani gets the terrorists’ connection. Vedant says body is distinguished and gives points of interest. Chief tells Jai that his child Rahul is huge devotee of you Jai, he will be happy, should I call him to meet you. Jai says I will leave in 60 minutes. Magistrate says fine, he will come soon. He goes out.

Jai calls Maya and asks where is Haroon. She says he is not here, I was calling you, there is huge arranging, Haroon is abandoning, you recollect your guarantee. He says yes, I will free you. She asks when. He says I m coming there soon, believe me, discover who is conveying that transfer, would you be able to do this work. Haroon comes and asks what’s happening with you. She says your telephone was ringing, its Jai’s call and gives him telephone. Haroon asks did you meet Roshan. Jai says yes, I embraced him with adoration.

Shivani tells Vedant that she is sitting tight for chief’s call. She wishes good fortunes to her group. Inder welcomes Kiran and requests her help, asking would she be able to go to his home to see his little girl, I m taking my significant other to clinic. She says fine, beyond any doubt. He gets a call and says yes, I cleared out. Vedant converses with Mihir and gives bit about Feroz. Vedant requests that Raj reach at the spot.

Dr. Devyaani converses with a man and asks do you not need your better half to be spared from HIV. He says it will require much cash. She says you need to live for your youngsters and gives him measurements, requesting that he get his significant other one month from now. She requests Dr. Patel and calls next patient. Medical attendant says its Feroz. Naina closes the meet and insults on Prithvi. Prithvi too insults her back. He gets a call that home secretary and chief has wanted meet. He tells Aditya that matter is not kidding, we ought to go. Naina asks might I offer assistance. Aditya says no, Prithvi is with me. Naina and Prithvi contend. Aditya requests that Naina stop it and sends Prithvi out. Aditya requests that Naina hold up here, or go home. He clears out.

Aditya apologizes to Prithvi. Devyaani calls Aditya and says I don’t think I can come today. Aditya says its fine, on the off chance that you get free soon, let me know, I will send somebody. She says no, I can come, I don’t care for security. He says get ongoing, PM’s significant other ought to get continual of group and security. She asks are you proposing me. He says no. They say I cherish you to each other and end call.

Shivani briefs on video call to Aditya and Prithvi about the fatal infection, and perhaps Haroon is doing this to free Roshan. She says we have six hours, in the event that we don’t discharge Roshan, the nation can get demolished. Medical attendant requests Feroz. ATU group comes to there. Vedant approaches about Feroz and searches for him. Aditya says I knew we need to face this day, however not all that soon. Chief says it can be enormous issue on the off chance that this infection spreads in Mumbai. Zakariya proposes to utilize isolate the populace. Aditya says that won’t be conceivable, we need to move Roshan to uncommon cell. He gets some information about Jai. She says he is on leave. He asks occasion. She says no, restorative leave. He inquires as to why. She says he got alcoholic after his significant other kicked the bucket, he was sent to recovery six months back.

Home secretary calls corrections officer. Prison guard advises Jai that we inspired request to move Roshan. He advises reviewer. Jai requests that he direct this and sends him. Jai finds the way out way and races to free Roshan. He gets Gyan’s call. Gyaan educates about Roshan getting moved. Jai says I know, I need to prevent Muzaffar from exploding bomb, send me definite guide of prison first. Gyan asks what will you do. Jai says don’t have the foggiest idea, recently sent it. Muzaffar advises Shankar to illuminate Jai that impact will happen on opportune time. Vedant and his group search for Feroz. They find numerous individuals taking medications.

Dr. Patel asks Dr. Devyaani to go. She says Feroz did not come. He requests that her not get included with patients, they think less and break trust. She clears out.

Haroon calls Gyan. Gyan says Roshan is getting moved. Haroon asks will Jai get him out in 60 minutes. Gyan says yes, however Jai’s arrangement will change now. Haroon says I knew something is going to happen and breaks tabale indignantly. He calls Chan and says possibly Jai can’t free Roshan, you see that person.

At 11.41, Vedant gets some information about Feroz. The man says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Shivani calls Vedant and tells about Prakash, the street pharmacist. Vedant gets some information about Prakash. Vedant discovers Prakash and requests that he stop. He rushes to discover Prakash. Kunj gets Chan’s call and requests that he hold up, till police evaluating gets. Kunj then calls his better half and asks her would she be able to meet. She says fine, get back home, my folks went out for 60 minutes. He inquires as to why are you squandering time on telephone then and races to meet her.

Kiran stays at Inder’s home and hears some solid from Mili’s room. Mili broke some glass and says too bad. Inder says it happens, its only a mischance. She makes Mili wear her coat and requests that her come. Mili says I need to clean this, else Papa will get furious. Kiran says I will say I broke this. Mili says Papa tells each oversight has a discipline. Kiran gets stressed.

Jai experiences AC channel to stop Muzaffar. Vedant and his group pursue Prakash. Raj advises Vedant that he achieved fabricating, I got Prakash, I m getting him.

At 11.47, Kiran tells Mili that your Papa will come soon, he took her to doctor’s facility. Mili asks will mummy get mortar once more. Kiran says no, she simply has fever. Mili says I have to go to washroom. Kiran says your room has glass on the floor, we will go to your folks’ room. Mili says I m not permitted to go there. Kiran inquires as to why, come. She takes Mili to Inder’s room and sends her to lavatory. She gets stunned seeing pics of fortified ladies. Inder comes and stuns her, asking is the room pleasant. She says Mili needed to go to restroom, along these lines, pardon me. She runs.

Jai hurries to stop Muzaffar and achieves the restroom, while Muzaffar places the bomb. Jai finds the remote and defuses it, while Muzaffar utilizes remote to do the impact. Jai takes off. Jai advises Gyan that everything is in control, I will tell new arrangement soon, educate Haroon. Gyan illuminates same to Haroon. Gyan switches off his framework and goes out to his work environment, that is ATU. He continues his work.


Veer tells Kiran that father has somebody in his life, and shows video of Jai and Maya. Jai calls Maya. Kunj says in the event that I don’t convey the bundle, they will call me. Jai says my arrangement slumped. Roshan acts frantic. Haroon chastens Jai and says we are giving you 25 crores to do this work.