May I Come in Madam 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dadi beating Sanju. Bhupesh and mummy cover up and look on. Sanju says Sanjana gave me thought to act frantic. Dadi turns his legs. Sanju shouts. Dadi goes.s Kashmira asks him was he truly acting. He says yes. She requests that he demonstration like this in court tomorrow.

Its morning, Sanju acts frantic and calls manager a monkey. Supervisor says I will send you to imprison. Supervisor tells judge that Sanju is squandering our time doing these things, he has teased my little girl. Sanju teases manager and kisses his hand. Sanjana grins. Manager says Sanju teased me. Judge asks Sanju for what reason is he teasing manager. Sanju says as you are sitting endlessly. He bounced on her table. Kishora gets mental clinic specialist. Sanju slaps specialist and after that demonstrations to black out. Sanjana says I have put work weight on Sanju, and perhaps he has teased me

in franticness. Mummy tells judge that Sanju is pure. Manager takes the case back. Judge says fine, I will send my bill to your home.

Sanju asks where I m. Kashmira says you got fine, they became more acquainted with this happened due to frenzy. Liftman plays radio. Ye Andha kanoon hai… … ..plays… … .

Its morning, Sanju sits tight for Sanjana close to the lift. Sanjana comes grinning. He welcomes her and says pleasant pendant. She expresses gratitude toward him and says great to know you are typical once more, continue grinning, I was deduction to take organization higher, I have greater discussion, I m beyond any doubt you will bolster me even this time. He says no and runs. She says I will take that as a yes.

Later, Sanjana and Sanaju are en route. Her auto stops. She requests that he come and see whats the issue. He says its wilderness here. She asks are you terrified. He says no. Kashmira calls Sanju and asks where is he. He says gathering finished and we are en route, madam is conversing with somebody by ceasing auto. Kashmira requests that he say love you. He says I wanted you. She yells. He says love you and closures call. Kashmira requests that mummy rest and not hear her.

Sanjana asks Sanju for what good reason did he deceive Kashmira. He says she would stress. She says I have seen Kashmira questions on you, you are terrified of her. He says I have a fabulous time, spouses ought to be unreliable. It begins down-pouring. Sanjana says goodness, its sprinkling. He says we will sit in auto. She says no, there is a mountain, we will cover up in hollow. She goes and he pursues her. Kashmira says Sanju does not stress for me. Mummy requests that her have a tyke, then Sanju will stress for you. Kashmira turns bashful and runs.

Sanju and Sanjana get inside the cavern. She loves the spot and says this is astonishing circumstance, I have seen such circumstance in films, this is occurring with us. He says I m feeling cool. She asks is he clowning. He says I need some flame here. She says there is wilderness around, lets accomplish something to help you.

Sanjana goes to put on something else. Bheegi raaton mein… … plays… … . Sanjana gets inebriated. Sanju swoons by frosty. She checks his temp. She calls for help, and a wild man comes. She shouts. He asks her for what good reason is she shouting. She says I require help for my accomplice, he swooned by icy, I need fire for him, else he will bite the dust. He says I will offer warmth to him by my body. She says alright, that is great, go. She goes. The man dozes close by.

Its morning, Sanju goes to Sanjana’s lodge. She asks are you feeling great. He says I don’t remember anything what happened during the evening. She does shayari and tricks him. Sanju asks what would you like to say. She says you blacked out by cool, there was no specialist, just I had fire in me as I have plastered liquor, iu passed the warmth to you. He gets stunned and asks what. She says I mistook. He asks what botch. She asks don’t you see motion pictures, there is one slip-up, first and last. He asks what. She says yes, pardon him. He begins shuddering. She says come, I will do that slip-up again with you. He runs. She says why do I have a great time in teasing this man.

Sanju goes home and thinks why did this happen with me, why did I black out, by what method will I confront Kashmira. Kashmira goes to Sanju and inquires as to why is he annoy. He doesn’t say anything. She says I know you well. He supposes how to tell Kashmira. She requests that he give him each distresses. He supposes Kashmira did not demonstrate love some time recently. His internal identity chides him for not adoring Kashmira, when she cherishes him. Kashmira says I m pleased with you, you have great character. Her internal identity reprimands him. Sanju yells no. She asks what happened. He says I m sorry, I will give you much love. He embraces her.


Sanjana eats tamarind and advises Sanju that she needed to eat tamarind. Sanju supposes it implies Sanjana is pregnant. He gets stressed.