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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on zemfresh.com

The Episode begins with Atharv and Vividha having a cajole. He says I will hold up, yet I will simply wed you. Dadi comes and sees them. Dadi requests that they flee. Dadi says Kailash has frantic, and calls me distraught. She gets furious on Kailash and tells Vividha that Kailash will never concur, you can’t get anybody like Atharv, take a gander at him, well fabricated body, huge eyes… . Fled with him. Atharv says if it somehow managed to run off with you, I would have fled some time recently, don’t cry, your kajal streams out by tears, I heard Kailash reproved you a considerable measure. She says he called me old.

Atharv asks did you not beat him. She says no. He says don’t cry, you are exceptionally wonderful that even reflect will break. Dadi grins and says take a gander at his temperament, he can make anybody crying grin, flee, Kailash won’t concur. Atharv

says he will concur, even Shiv ji concurred, he is just Kailash Parbat. Dadi requests that Atharv meet her occasionally. Atharv says Indumati ji, come gives up in there. Vividha grins and sends him. Atharv gives a flying kiss to Dadi. Dadi gets it and grins. Vividha brings Dadi with her. Atharv grins. Sujata asks him is there one on one free plan nowadays, are you fulfilled meeting Vividha, come. He grins.

Its morning, Vividha appeals to God for Atharv’s high achievement and Kailash concurring for their connection. Sujata likewise implores and signs Vividha. Vividha grins and goes to her. Sujata says you are appealing to God for Atharv, will you not come to see your home, the family for which you were imploring a little while ago. Vividha gets happy.

Sujata demonstrates their home to Vividha. She says we used to stay there, and now you stay in that house, now this is our little house, would you be able to change. Vividha says alter, I simply cherish this, its so comfortable, kitchen is dazzling, do you utilize silbatta, show me, as we utilize mixie. Sujata says I will show you everything. Atharv grins listening to Vividha and acts like her. Sujata sees Atharv impersonating Vividha and snickers. Vividha says I make everything, except I can’t make roti well. Sujata says I will show you. Vividha asks what does Atharv like, does he like pulao, I make great pulao. Sujata says you cook anything, he will have. Vividha makes arrangements of their future, and says you rest there and I will think about ground. He asks and me? Vividha takes a gander at him. Uma searches for Vividha.

Atharv says Maa will think about bed, and you will mull over ground, where will I rest. Vividha says stable. Atharv asks then in what manner will Maa get grandchildren. Vividha goes behind Sujata. Sujata snickers. Vividha requests that Sujata perceive how is Atharv talking. Uma hears Vividha and stops. Sujata beats Atharv. He says its real family arranging issue, by what method will this be, Vividha needs to send me to sanyaas ashram. Uma comes there and grins seeing them. Vividha tells Sujata that she will go and come later.

Vividha sees her foot impacts on the bond make, and stops. She asks Sujata whats this. Sujata grins seeing Atharv and asks Vividha did you not distinguish yourself. Vividha cries as Sujata advises her how Atharv has formed bond to get her foot impressions. Uma hears this. Sujata says such is my child. Vividha cries and asks Atharv for what reason did you do this. He says when you were not prepared to come in my life, I have stolen your foot marks, I thought to keep it as shagun in my life and safeguard it. Sujata says everybody’s adoration is distinctive, my child’s affection is frenzy, he was distraught to get you, now he got you and turned frantic, possibly he would make everybody frantic on the off chance that he didn’t get you. She requests that Vividha hold up, I have your having a place. She demonstrates the bangles to Vividha.

Vividha says its those bangles which … .. She reviews Atharv offering bangles to her and Sujata requesting that overseer take bangles, and free Atharv from prison. She says however these bangles went out, then I have seen you giving these bangles to policemen, how could you have been able to you get this. Sujata reviews Kailash tossing bangles all over. She says your Papa returned it, I kept it well, I needed to show I kept it safe, I thought when connection happens, I will make you wear it by my hands.

Vividha advances her hand and says connection is altered, Papa can say yes later, yet I have viewed myself as Atharv’s significant other and your bahu by heart. Uma hears them and grins. Atharv and Sujata get cheerful. O re piya… … .plays… … Vividha says sindoor, mangalsutra and pheras require some time, why if we put attending to these bangles. She requests that Sujata make her wear her bangles. Atharv gets mournful eyes and grins. Sujata makes Vividha wear those bangles.

Tumse milke aisa laga… … plays… … Vividha grins seeing Atharv. She covers herself with dupatta and takes Sujata’s endowments. Sujata says I have been sitting tight for this minute since numerous years, I didn’t wish for a bahu, I needed a little girl and companion, I have seen you since adolescence, you have grown up, I know I can’t show signs of improvement girl and companion than you. Uma grins and takes off. Sujata, Vividha and Atharv grin. Atharv says Maa made you senior by making you her companion, now I have to touch your feet as well. He embraces Sujata and Vividha.


Atharv puts light all over, while she is in class. He signs her to come outside, and they meet in library. He talks sentimental and says I wish to bring you with me immediately. She says then take me along. He takes a gander at her.