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Love is the way!(episode-61)

Love is the way!(episode-61)

Adoration is the way!(episode-61)

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It’s night

Ishu is in a stressed state thinking just over Suhani

Raman comes there(room) and sees her looking at the begins with an excruciating look. He goes close to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She turns and takes a gander at him.

Raman: Ishita it’s getting late why aren’t u dozing?

Ishu: I’m not feeling great.. I can’t envision the amount of torment Suhani is experiencing!

Raman: Yeah..She is overcome enough and will figure out how to get past every one of the snags

Ishu: You’re correct however contrasted with what torment we had when we realized that I wasn’t pregnant hers is huge

She conveyed the infant for about six months and now abruptly this happened. Also, Yuvraj was excessively energized in the wake of realizing that he was going to end up a father however now everything got broke( saying that she cries intensely)

Raman embraces her and he too feels awful. He breaks the embrace.

Raman: Now go ahead we will rest.. Try not to be excessively focused.

He makes her falsehood and the quaint little inn strokes her head and after at some point she rests. He kisses her on the temple and lies adjacent to, embracing her.

Next morning

Yuvi gets up and hunt down Suhani

Yuvi(thinking): Where did she go in the morning? Perhaps I’ll ask mama..

He goes to Pratima’s room and enquires her about Suh

Pratima: I felt that she was with you.. I didn’t see her from morning

Yuvi(feels stressed): Where did she abandon illuminating?

Meanwhile@ Dadi’s room

Dadi: I told u as of now that regardless of the fact that u yell as loud as possible and say that I did everything, no one would trust u..

Suh is demonstrated remaining there

Suh(thinking):I’ll meet another doc and get my legitimate reports and show it to everyone..

Dadi: What are u considering? Well I comprehend what it is..

Dadi: If you’re considering meeting another doc then given me a chance to help u to remember one thing I’ll abduct your adored Golu and u folks won’t have the capacity to see him ever in your life!

Suh(angrily): How set out u say a wonder such as this! What’s more, nothing can happen to Golu when I’m around!

Dadi: Sharad&Bhavna are setting off to the healing facility as Golu isn’t well and it’s simple for me to handle things from that point so..

Suh: Why do u do this?? U need Yuvi to be upbeat na? At that point his joy lies with my kid, so by what means can u hurt her and now u’re including Golu additionally in this.How bold can u be?

Dadi: I thought u are the greatest satisfaction in his life.. Also, if what you’re stating is reality then we have an answer

Suh: What is it? I can do anything to keep my kid safe..

Dadi: That’s great.. Alright so tune in, u& your can youngster live joyfully yet in one condition..

Suh: What’s it?

Dadi: U need to go out for ever!

Those words strikes Suhani like a thunderbolt. She inhales vigorously and has a craving for swooning.

Dadi: U heard it right.. This is the main way cleared out. What’s more, u ought to leave this state and if conceivable leave this nation as well. I don’t need Yuvi to know anything nor see u.

Suh is broken. She takes a seat and cries scarcely.

Suh: You are not doing right.. My tyke likewise has the privilege to live with her family.

Dadi: Who’s preventing u from that? U may wed once more. I couldn’t care less

Suh extends her eyebrows

Suh: I generally cherish Yuvraj! Furthermore, I won’t leave my family!

Dadi: No issue.. In any case, u ought to prematurely end the youngster.

Suh cries

Suh(crying): I despise u to the center!

She wipes away her removes and ventures from the room yet stops as she sees Yuvi, Pratima and Menka there

Menka: Where were u Suhani?

Yuvi: We all got truly stressed.. Furthermore, why are u at Dadi’s room

Suh gets downtrodden and is in a befuddled state.

Yuvi: Is everything fine?

Dadi comes our of her room and says

Dadi(acting to be concerned): Actually Yuvraj, the doc called me and told that it would be better for Suhani if u do the technique soon, so he requesting that I do it following 2 days…

Suh gets stunned and turns towards Dadi with an irate look

Yuvi holds Suh. Pratima and Menka feels awful.

Suh: I won’t consent to this!

Dadi: Otherwise Gol… .

Suh comprehends what Dadi implied. She tosses down a vase which was continued the window sheet.

All others come there listening to the clamor

Pratima: Suhani beta, quiet down..

Yuvi: Please attempt and get it.

Suhani: U ought to attempt to comprehend Yuvi, that the doc li

ed to us becoz da..

She was going to say Dadi when Yuvi hinders

Yuvi: Now simply stop this!! On the off chance that u can’t acknowledge reality then it’s bad for u..

Menka: Please Suhani we are stating for your great..

Bhavna( holding Golu in her arms): First you unwind.. Here have some water

Clothes makes Suh drink water while Suh takes a gander at Golu with tears in her eyes and afterward takes a gander at Dadi with a furious gaze. Dadi sees that and takes Golu from Bhavna’s arms and says

Dadi(looking at Suh): Bhavna, aren’t u taking Golu to the center today

Suh quits drinking water and looks on

Bhavna: Haan Dadi.. I’ll go when Sharad comes back from work.

Dadi grins fiendishly. Suh abruptly gets up and goes to her room and bolts the entryway from inside.

Yuvi thumps the entryway

Yuvi: Open the entryway Suh.. Please we’ll make out an answer

Suh: Nothing is forgotten to sort! Everything is outside my ability to control..( she cries)

Suh(thinking) What might I do now? Goodness god please let me know a way.. Who will trust me?

Abruptly a name strikes her brain

Suh: Ishu.. Yes she can bail me out. Be that as it may, she herself is in a bad position and now Romi’s shaadi is going to happen and I can’t inconvenience her.. At that point I think I ought to..

Yuvi hits the entryway barely. Also, Suh opens it. He embraces her.

Yuvi(cries): Whatever happens I’ll generally be with u Suhani: I trust so..

Yuvi breaks the embrace

Yuvi: What do u mean ? I mean what were you really conversing with Dadi? Indeed, even yesterday u went there and talked.

Suh gets apprehensive

Suh: Dadi let me know about what the doc said as it were.. Nothing else..

Yuvi (suspiciously): Are u certain?

Suh: Yeah..

Yuvi glasses her face

Yuvi: I can comprehend a mother’s predicament for her tyke. I’m additionally exceptionally troubled. Be that as it may, I can’t stand to free u Suhani.

Suh(thinks): I’m sad Yuvraj however I think I ought to consent to what Dadi says… I’ll do anything to prevent my tyke from being in a bad position.