Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with minister requesting that lady of the hour’s dad get lady of the hour. Akshara says she doesn’t have father, however her sibling will get her. Everybody grin seeing Kartik getting Rose. Kartik grins seeing Naira. Rukmani comes there and sees the primary entryway bolted. The ceremonies begin. Yash says he can’t wed Rose and everybody get stunned. He says he will hold up till Rukmani comes.

Rukmani comes inside and advises the amount she attempted to go ahead time, she was wanting Yash’s marriage, she came by means of window. Yash expresses gratitude toward her for coming, and says I can’t wed without your nearness. Yash and Rose get hitched. The minister purports them as a couple. He says now you may kiss the lady of the hour. Yash and Rose kiss on cheek. Akshara salutes everybody for the new satisfaction. Rukmani favors

Yash and Rose. Anmol says congratulations and embraces Yash.

Varsha and Shaurya go out and search for the auto. She says there was cake in the auto. He says driver is not replying, now we can simply sit tight for him. The gatekeeper demonstrates their auto. Varsha says we didn’t see it. Shaurya says when individual frenzies, he can’t see things. Both the families go to do ceremonies of lighting candles. Kartik says its family issue so… . Rose says you are my sibling, come. They every light flame and implore. Kartik grins seeing Naira.

Shaurya falters and cake tumbles down. Varsha requests that he watchful. He says cake icing ruined. She says I will make it fine, I knew something like this will happen, so I got icing sugar. He lauds her. Martha tells the shading noteworthiness. Akshara puts green shading and supplicates. Everybody put hues on the tremendous plate and implore. Gayu grins and puts pink shading. Varsha makes the cake icing legitimate. Shaurya says we can wed once more. She says what are you saying, its time for youngsters to wed. He says I chose we will wed. They snicker.

Yash keeps his blossom in Naksh’s pocket and says you demonstrate to me the day when I m in your place, we will move together, this time we will discover somebody for you. They embrace. Rose and Yash cut the cake. Martha expresses gratitude toward Rukmani for coming. Rukmani says I didn’t care for what you said. Martha says too bad. Rukmani reminds one month world visit as share. Martha says beyond any doubt. Akshara says we will move now. Everybody move on janam… … .. Kartik grins seeing Naira, and Gayu grins seeing him. They all change move accomplices. Kartik sees Naira’s dress’ back zip getting down. Naksh takes a gander at Kartik. He takes her for move, and she tries to go.

He approaches her. She asks are you distraught. He stops her and says everything dislike you think, I m not getting rowdy, but rather preventing from something terrible event, attempt to think about other’s recognition once in a while. He enlightens her concerning her back zip and requests that her draw it up. She understands that and pulls speed up. She expresses gratitude toward him. He says no issue, and goes. Martha says I m so upbeat for you, and gives Rose’s hand in Yash’s grasp. Rajshri sings Sone chidiya… … .. Everybody cry. Akshara reviews her family, marriage and bidaai. She sings and cries.


Akshara says we know in regards to Rose tossing bunch, the person who gets it will wed next. Rose tosses bunch.