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Jamai Raja 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Sid searching for Roshni’s room window and thinks which is her window out of these two windows. He tosses stone of a window. It ends up being Payal’s room. She awakens, peeps outside the window and supposes who is there? Sid shrouds seeing her and takes a murmur of alleviation. He supposes lucy will bark throughout the night now. He tosses stone on Roshni’s room window. Roshni turns out and embraces him. She says I am so glad, you don’t recognize what I saw today. Sid says don’t comprehend what you have seen and helps to remember her words that she is hitched. Roshni says I got upbeat. She lets him know that Ria came to room and covers cover on Neil with adoration, and was sad eyes. Sid embraces her cheerfully. Payal hears the voice and calls security. Sid and Roshni covers up. Payal lays on her bed once more.

Next morning,

Mitul sees Payal coming and solicits her to give portion from installment. Payal asks what is your worth and solicits her to get out from her way, and pushes her. Mitul tumbles down. Roshni helps her stand and goes. Mitul feels awful. Payal inquires as to whether Mauve is in misfortune, she says it was productive till yesterday. Representative says lawful notification is additionally issued and need cash for the payout. Payal asks who have sued? Representative says Siddharth Khurana. Payal requests that he settle meeting with him. Sid calls Roshni and educates that Payal needs to meet him. Roshni thinks what you will do now.

Payal and her representative go to Sid’s home. Secretary says he is occupied, you can’t meet him. Payal sees Sid hitting the dance floor with his secretaries and goes inside his lodge. She requests that he hear her out, you bl**dy. Sid says you hear me out, you bl**dy. He says you comes back over and over, I told that I am not enlisting jokers in my carnival, and asks what attractive forces he has which pulls in her. He calls security. His secretary comes. Sid says I called security and requests that her go outside and play. He requests that Security out hold close relative’s hand and demonstrate her entryway. Payal feels offended and goes. Roshni is on video talk and requests that he send the young ladies out at this point. Sid requests that young ladies go, else his marriage will get in gambled. Roshni teases him and says you are eating grapes. Sid says the ball is in your court now. Roshni says I would prefer not. Sid says we have no alternative. Roshni says alright, for you. Ranjeet comes to Mauve office. Mitul says not today. Ranjeet says how could she to reject us cash, and requests that her give cash. Payal calls security and requests that they clean her office. Security monitors bring him with her.

Payal affronts Mitul severely and requests that her leave at this moment. Mitul goes cryingly. Roshni sees Ria gazing at Neil. Neil says Raginiā€¦ salt is more in the nourishment. Roshni says I invest hours in the kitchen for you, and says on the off chance that you need to eat then eat else no. Neil doesn’t eat nourishment. Ria feels awful and goes to kitchen. Roshni supposes this is the best way to bring out affection from Ria’s heart and says sorry to learn. Ria makes sustenance and requests that worker offer nourishment to Neil. Neil eats sustenance and asks Ragini, in the event that you made it. Roshni says might be worker made it. Neil says it is super delectable and eats it. Ria is glad. Payal gets back home and sees Ria grinning. She asks what is the matter? Hireling offers telephone to Ria and says you overlooked it in the kitchen. Payal thinks so this is the matter and purpose behind her satisfaction. She requests that Servant leave the occupation and offers sweeper to Mr. Sen Gupta. Roshni is stunned. Naina stops Servant and says I will clear the floor. Payal says I have some other work for you. She requests that her back rub her head. Roshni is furious and stunned.

Payal sits on couch and requests that Naina knead her head. Hireling requests that Neil dust the house. Neil says what gibberish? Ria feels terrible. Roshni asks Neil what is his issue? She says we as a whole are working, you can contribute else we will be on street. Neil says I don’t trust this from you. Roshni gives duster in his grasp and requests that he do tidying. Ria feels awful and takes a gander at Neil. Payal requests that Ria go to her and says it is bad to sit with hirelings. She inquires as to whether she has no quality and requests that her back rub well. Roshni supposes this arrangement is making Neil and Naina endure.

Representative advises Payal that they need to meet Khurana some way or another. Payal requests that he think. Simply then they get a call from American magazine, a man advises her that he is intrigued to purchase Mauve magazine. Payal requests that he send his delegate and says we will think in regards to it. Man turns and he is Raj. Sid acclaims his acting aptitudes. Raj chuckles and says I would have gotten to be performing artist. Sid snickers. Raj says you duplicates your father. Representative says we will go to Khurana with this offer. Payal thinks when time is correct, arrangement discovers its direction.


Sid inquires as to whether she found a magnet and says you are matured by taste and requests that her come after a few years. Worker says she has some offer which you can’t won’t. Sid says you both are resembling Chamku’s washing powder salesperson. Payal feels offended.