Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 6{Part 2} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 6{Part 2} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

Ishq F(o)re(ver) Chapter 6{Part 2} [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

Ishq F(o)re(ver) : Chapter 6 {PART 2}



Sonakshi : Wow! I never thought it would be this sensational.

Shravan : The delight is all mine Ms. Bose.

(Dev was standing just there. He was listening to everything. He was seeing the scene before him and don’t know why he felt something else. He doesn’t care for Shravan’s association with Sonakshi. It resembled she was his. I mean she was his life partner. Fake however)



Shravan : Dev, now I’ve to go. We’ll meet soon. Furthermore, don’t stress, my lips are completely zipped. I won’t tell anybody.

Dev : Thanks Shravu*smirks*

Shravan : Hey! Try not to call me that. I don’t care for it.

Dev : Okay, Shravu.*teases*

Shravan : *smiling* Okay Devu, Bye.

Dev : Shravan! You are not permitted to call me that.

Shravan : It makes the two of us.

Dev : Okay, now go.

Shravan : Bye Dev, *faces Sonakshi* Bye Ms. Bose, It was decent meeting you.

Sonakshi : Same here. Mr Shravu Malhotra. *burst into laughter*

Shravan : Hey! No Ms… … ..Forget it, you can call me that.

Sonakshi : Why this exemption?

Shravan : I can’t make a lovely young lady tragic, Ms. Bose. I am not that sort of fellow.

Sonakshi : Awwww! Try not to act over savvy Mr. Shravan Malhotra. I know your sort of “folks” extremely well.

Shravan : Is it so?

Sonakshi : Yup!

Dev : *breaking their convo.* Don’t you need to go Shravan?

Shravan : Oh yes, I’m super late. Bye guys.*lefts the cabin*

Dev : *with some obscure reason, indignation and disappointment were working up inside him* You can likewise leave Ms. Bose.

Sonakshi : *confused by sudden the adjustment in his behave* ummmm… alright… … ..

Dev : *shout* LEAVE!

Sonakshi : *threatened by his voice* (turns back and hastily leaves his lodge)

Dev : *watches her go and punches the mass of his cabin*

(It was 9:40 pm and Sonakshi was remaining at the passage of Divine Company and was sitting tight for a taxi)

Sonakshi : “Where is the taxi? Why not even a solitary taxi is here? Give me a chance to message Sumo to take me home. *opens whatsapp and message Sumo*

[-Sumo, would you say you are free? In the event that yes, then please come here at Mr. Dixit’s office. I require a ride home.]

Suman answered:

[-I’m so sad Sona, I am not ready to come there. At this moment I’m at my companion’s home and there’s not by any means smallest degree for me as well, to achieve home in time since today there’s a taxi strike and I’m stuck here. You can advise Mr Dev to drop you home. I’m certain he won’t deny.]


[-Okay Sumo, thanks]

(Dev was always reviewing ShrAkshi’s convo. He doesn’t know why he was irate and why he advised Sonakshi to take off)

Dev : “Ms. Bose,… Oh God Dev, you advised her to clear out. Where she had gone?”

(Sonakshi was presently strolling on the fundamental street, attempting to discover a lift.)

Sonakshi : “Mr. Dixit is not in an incredible disposition today. It’ll be the best in the event that I don’t trouble him now”

Dev went to the passage, hunting down Sonakshi, however couldn’t discover her. He asked the doorkeeper and he answered that Sonakshi simply left a couple of minutes back.

Dev : Had anybody came to pick her, or she experienced taxi?

Doorkeeper: No sir, nobody came and there’s zero chance of taking a taxi since today is the taxi strike. Not even a solitary taxi is there. I saw her intersection the principle street. She should not have gone far…

Dev : It’s alright thanks*left to get his car*”Where did she go? She is so moronic. Wouldn’t she be able to approach me for a ride?*sees Sonakshi strolling down the street*(takes the auto to her side, then slide down the mirror) Ms. Bose, Where are you going?

Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit?… … ummmmm… ..I’m going home.

Dev : strolling?

Sonakshi : No… … yes… …

Dev : Get in.

Sonakshi : yes Mr. Dixit?

Dev : I said get in. I’m driving you home.

Sonakshi : You don’t need.

Dev : Ms. Bose I’m not asking you. I’m letting you know, now pick up the pace.

Sonakshi : OK *enters in the car*

(There was an uncomfortable quiet between them through portion of the trip. After some time, Dev abruptly said… .)

Dev : I think Shravan had made an incredible impact on you.

Sonakshi :*smiling* He is pleasant. More like entertaining than decent.

Dev : I was not realizing that you like interesting young men. Must be an update…

Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit, what are you saying? What was the deal?

Dev : *firmly holding the steering* Noting. Simply don’t act like this with him on a day of the merger. Individuals will misconstrue you being his life partner, not mine.

Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit, are you insane. Do you even know what are you saying? What’s more, I couldn’t care less what the general population say. Yapping puppies from time to time nibble.

Dev: *Ignores her* your home’s here.

Sonakshi: Thanks for the ride. Farewell

Dev : Bye.

(Sonakshi went to her room and she was going to spruce up when her phone beeped)

— – Message from @Mr. Obodhro— –

Sorry for my impolite conduct today. Don’t realize what happened.

— – Message to @Mr. Obodhro— –

It’s alright. Must be a direct result of anxiety.

— – Message from @Mr. Obodhro— –

No doubt, think so. Much obliged for comprehension.

— – Message to @Mr. Obodhro— –

My pleasure.

— – Message from @Mr. Obodhro— –


— – Message to @Mr. Obodhro— –

Gud nyt.

(After these message convo. Sonakshi went to her bed reviewing every one of the recollections of that day)

(Dev was at home and was eager. Truly “rest-less”. He can’t work, can’t eat, or can’t do anything. He was feeling remorseful that he yelled on Sonakshi and about his impolite conduct towards her. He can’t think what could have transpired in the event that she would have cleared out.)

*Thinking about this, he likewise snoozes off*

{Precap : He was irate.

No, irate didn’t start to portray what he was feeling, it was certain fierceness.

Held clench hands, Dev sat there frowning at the two figures at a short separation away. One being Sonakshi-his (fake)fiancée-and other Shravan-his closest companion.

Sonakshi chuckled and conversed with Shravan while Dev bit by bit expanded his grasp on the wine glass, donning an obliging grin. Shravan now and again looked at him, yet made no other indication of affirmation. Abruptly one young lady came and sat next to him.

“Hey, I’m Ayesha.” Said the young lady.

“Dev” addressed Dev.

(Ayesha saw him gazing Sonakshi)

“Who is she?” Ayesha solicited out from interest.

“She’s nobody.” Dev answered cruelly.

“Goodness!” she said back, however continued gazing him.

“What?” Dev spat out, feeling exasperated.

“Are you affirm?” she asked with an irritated expression.

“Definitely, is there any valid reason why i wouldn’t be? I’m fine,” he said.

“Hold up… are you desirous?” Ayesha asked with an interested glimmer in her eyes.

“No” Dev snapped.}

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