Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania Review: Impressive love story with a homely touch

Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania Review: Impressive love story with a homely touch

Sony’s new show Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania brings a family dramatization which is exceptionally practical and would associate with verging on each joint family. The show brings an account of a 14-part Pant family, with different diverse characters. Abhishek left his studies to deal with the family unit obligations. He is the sole bread worker of the house, and assumes liability of everybody. Abhishek is concerned for his feeble mother. His mom is disturbed as Abhishek left carrying on with his own life and plunged in overseeing obligations.Screenshot_13

On-screen character Priyanshu Jora of Tu Mera Hero notoriety, is playing the lead Abhishek in this appear. The idea rotates around all the relatives willing to locate an immaculate lady of the hour for Abhishek, whom they call Bade Bhaiya with adoration. Abhishek is plain and sensible, without any cravings and social existence of his own. He has ended up full grown at a youthful age, seeing the need of his initial developing. Meera’s character played by Namita Dubey is of a cheerful and energetic soul young lady. Abhishek and Meera experience passionate feelings for. Meera gets a major errand of winning Abhishek’s family. How she satisfies everybody’s desires frames whatever remains of the story

The family comprises of fourteen individuals, and Abhishek joyfully does every one of his obligations. Abhishek is the special case who awakens early and dozes late, just to be loyal towards his family. The eldest part Dadi feels pity on Abhishek for taking such a great amount of obligations on his young shoulder. Abhishek’s dad left to accomplish profound peace, though his mom is overweight and less portable. Abhishek deals with his mom and each relative. He cherishes them similarly, furthermore shows significance of cash to his kin. His family is his most extreme need. He couldn’t finish his designing to take care of his family. The family knows every one of the penances Abhishek made for their prosperity and money related dependability. They all adoration him and can’t see him upset. The family needs consummate young lady for Abhishek, and have their arrangement of conditions preset.



Abhishek is a persevering, loyal, vivacious and exceptionally mindful person. He doesn’t have much companions and is continually minding towards his family. Abhishek is extremely witty and beguiling. He deals with any circumstance by his brains. He has taken the house obligations on his shoulders since youthful age. Abhishek does not lament to lose his valuable high school years. He is the main gaining individual in the family and deals with everybody’s needs. Abhishek is loaded with all the great qualities a young lady might want to have in an immaculate spouse. Abhishek trusts he will get an exquisite young lady. He has no time for his own life and affection.



Meera is vivacious, sweet and non driven young lady. She loaded with excitement, however just to pick up bliss. Meera has minimum enthusiasm for her studies and vocation. She is awful in studies and does not have any desire to make any undeniable profession. She originates from a family where everybody is knowledgeable and settled. Meera needs to make her own way and find bliss. On her adventure, she meets Abhishek and begins to look all starry eyed at her. Meera needs in qualities, however has great successful qualities. Meera’s high appeal and lighthearted nature makes her exceptional.


Priyanshu Jora as Abhishek Pant

Namita Dubey as Meera Raizada

Ushma Rathod as Abhishek’s mom

Inderjeet Sagoo as Aman

Ritu Seth as Madhu

Rishi Dev as Kapil Pant

Naveen Pandita as Sanjay

Saloni Daini as Mona Pant

Yash Acharya as Rohan

Indraneel Bhattacharya as Prahlad Raizada

Story So Far:

badebhiay8The presentation of Pant Family is finished. The family involves 14 individuals, who are exceptionally particular. The one thing basic between them is their adoration for Abhishek. Abhishek is the person who deals with every one of the obligations of older folks and kin. He has turned experienced at a youthful age and left behind every one of his cravings for being the perfect child of Pant family. Everybody attempt to get an organization together settled for Abhishek. Dadi is concerned as they lost eleven partnerships till now. She demonstrates her excellent home to a pandit, and requests that he alter Abhishek’s marriage with a decent esteemed persevering young lady.

badebhay7Abhishek is renowned and is called Bade Bhaiya by everybody in light of his mindful and minding nature. Abhishek is then presented. He is seen helping the general population. He then goes to pick his sister from school. Abhishek’s tribal haveli and his family holds significance for him. Abhishek does much work throughout the day and after that deals with his feeble mother at home. His mom favors him to get a decent spouse soon. Abhishek is seen dealing with the obligations and acquiring cash for his family by much diligent work, and with no objections. He is a perfect child and sibling. Everybody favor Abhishek to get a dedicated and genial young lady, who might coordinate upto Abhishek.

badebh7Meera’s presentation is done then. She is demonstrated a complete inverse of Abhishek. Abhishek discusses placing cell in a wake up timer, and awakens without the alert, early morning. Meera keeps different wake up timers and still dozes sound snoozing. Meera’s outcome comes and she gets tragic that she scored only 32%. Her father requests that her do anything stable, and even her opening a PCO is fine for him, in the event that she can’t work in any NGO or concentrate any course. Meera chooses to motivate wedded to keep away from the vocation weight. She considers staying cheerful the in any case.

badebhu2Abhishek gets the following cooperation and all the relatives make a wreck of the discussions. The family addresses senseless things to the young lady Priya. In spite of the fact that Priya answers right, they have their own particular default answers set. Priya and her family discover Pant family very different than anticipated. Priya’s father requests that Abhishek leave his family, on the off chance that he needs to wed Priya. Abhishek rejects the proposition. Abhishek gets dismal and all the relatives attempt to brighten him up. Abhishek plays mouth organ and fulfills his family.

badbehi7Meera lands in Devpur alongside her senior sister Ria and her sweetheart Sanjay. Meera declines to stay in any five star lodging and requests that Sanjay orchestrate a visitor house. Sanjay books Abhishek’s visitor house for her remain. Abhishek’s mom requests that he implore Hanuman ji for getting a decent lady of the hour. Meera addresses a driver on taking care of a marriage. Abhishek goes to sanctuary and petitions God for a decent lady of the hour, while Meera achieves the same sanctuary. Meera sees Abhishek overlooking the Prasad and races to give him. Abhishek leaves from sanctuary, and Meera gets some information about him. She becomes acquainted with he stays at Pant Bhavan, and thinks to return it herself as she is heading there. Gasp family gets mixed up and accept Meera to be Meenakshi. Meera lands in Pant Bhavan.

Our Take:

bade827Abhishek and Meera’s characters are outlined well. Both are distinctive, but then fundamentally the same as by heart. One is persevering and mindful, and different knows not other’s anxiety. The story is exceptionally relatable, where joint families face issues of finding a hopeful little girl in law. Abhishek’s character has great wittiness and appeal. Meera’s joyful nature and rich look is depicted pleasantly by Namita. Priyanshu sparkles in his natural execution. The on-screen character ends up being an ability punch and talks a considerable measure by hush. The exchanges look straightforward, and could have been witty.

badebh23Concept astute, the show is exceptionally unsurprising. The distinction here is portrayals. Abhishek offering an uncommon bond to each relative makes the story adored by viewers. The various characters would make the show look turbulent at first. Be that as it may, each character is vital according to the plot. Abhishek handles each circumstance with his quiet and formed nature splendidly. Priyanshu and his character of Bade Bhaiya Abhishek are the USP of the appear.

Generally speaking:

bade7It is a decent clean family enlivening appear. One may simply get the chance to see legitimate portrayals, common sense and cutting edge tackle blooming connections. A decent and diverse endeavor by Sony channel to get practical family dramatization, than hopeful one. The show would turn out to be additionally amusing when Abhishek and Meera’s intimate romance story starts. We should trust the show does not digress from its