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Waaris 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Waaris 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Waaris 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on zemfresh.com

The Episode begins with Mannu telling Lord that he will buckle down, and afterward Amba won’t send Bheeru with him. Raavi advises Jagan that we need to accomplish something, compose a letter, about what I have seen, Simran likewise concentrates on in same school. He requests that her say. She requests that he compose letter to primary. He grins.

Its morning, key peruses letter to Amba and Mannu. He says guardians are griping as their little girls additionally go to class, request that Mannu’s Mama sit outside the school, else the matter will go to panchayat. Amba says yet Mannu is Shah, he has risk to his life. He says by your solicitation, young ladies inspired authorization to study after eighth, however sad your sibling can’t come to class this way. Mannu grins and expresses gratitude toward Lord. Bheeru sits tight for them. Amba goes to Bheeru and says something isn’t right. She sends

Mannu to class. Bheeru asks what did chief say. Amba says important said its some young lady’s dad’s letter, he is stating you can’t stay here, what will we do, why are you grinning. He says he is correct, young ladies study here. She says you won’t inconvenience anybody. He says they don’t have any acquaintance with me, I will sit outside and get Mannu home, Simran additionally considers here, if any person stays here throughout the day, we will likewise think that its abnormal, so don’t stress. She concurs.

Raman rests in Simran’s lap. She asks him for what valid reason does she simply see and not say anything. He says I didn’t think I would approach you, I simply wish to be with you, I need to give you all that you wish, I can do anything for you. She asks truly. He requests that her say once. He requests sunflower. Raman’s creative energy closures and he was resting in his companion’s lap. He sees Simran away. He supposes I will get sunflower.

Sukhi is with children, and says I m skipper of that region. Mannu hears him and says I additionally need to play. The kid says you generally lose. Mannu says my Mama won’t accompany me. Sukhi says we will go home and appreciate in transit. Mannu says Bheeru will come to pick me. The kid inquires as to whether you go alone, we as a whole go alone. They snicker. Mannu takes a gander at them.

Jagan sees the sand trap and giggles. He advises his goons to get the post box. He says the person who puts post will specifically fall in the sand trap. Jagan comes to class and looks on. He signs his man. Raavi and Jagan hold up outside. Jagan says Bheeru is holding up outside, Mannu will come to entryway alone, amusement will turn. She says everything will happen right, my coming child is fortunate, you will get to be Shah this time. He says I will name my child as Lucky. She inquires as to whether its little girl. He requests that her not talk terrible, I need three children like Harjeet, don’t say this once more. She gets annoyed. She says I will go and drink water. The school ringer rings.

Mannu turns out and searches for Bheeru. He says I overlooked, Mama is not here. Jagan signs his man. Both the trucks drivers make a battle, and make everybody occupied. Jagan signs the goons. Jagan grins seeing Mannu coming towards the entryway. Bheeru searches for Mannu. A man slams into Bheeru and apologizes to him. Bheeru misses to see Mannu. A woman goes to Mannu and says I originated from extremely far, I can’t walk now, you do my work, you post this letter in post box. Mannu takes the letter and says you are ill to the point, that is the reason I m making a difference. Jagan grins and sends the woman.

Mannu goes to put the letter. Raavi says I will see Mannu passing on and after that go. Mannu goes to the post box. He ventures in the sand trap and gets stunned. Raavi grins. Mannu shouts and calls for Amba and Bheeru. A jeep goes to his direction and Mannu calls for help. Raavi looks on. Mannu yells.


The jeep continues towards Mannu. Mannu yells and is sinking. Raavi grins.