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Gangaa 25th July 2016 Written Episode UpdateGangaa 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:

Area: Raahat Ma’s habitation

Outside, the habitation, as all hold up outside, the woman tries everybody for help, yet doesnt overcome any assistance. she communicates her disappointment at ganga and others in the matter of how individuals trench them in agitated times. she asks in what capacity would she be able to go out that she stayed in for a long time. the others voice the same sentiment as well. ganga guarantees the woman that they should assume up this position itself, and guarantees that they might battle togethr, and after that get back inside this very house. Later when the woman returns, she offers nourishment to gauri, and requests that her food everybody. she goes along. gauri inquires as to whether the letter is finished. ganga says that its verging on done, and that she might set up prosecution to such an extent, that they are reimbursed back in full, for all the torment that they

have needed to experience. Prema, the young lady inquires as to whether they dont get keys till midnight, ganga guarantees that they might get it. th landowner’s men come and attempt to discard their stuff, however they keep up a solid human chain, to forestall them. spectators assemble, an old woman amongst them, and watch the secene. they are going to break the chain, when the oldlady goes to bat for their assistance, and others take after. the goons clear out. ganga and mama plentifully express gratitude toward her for her assistance. she likewise offers them a spot to tay for the night. they are overpowered with appreciation.

Scene 2:

Area: Sagar’s habitation

Prabha converses with yash, on the telephone, about how she cannot stand the way that everybody is upbeat, because of sagar’s dad’s recompense, and now her next target is supriya whose kid wont be conceived, subsequent to having isolated sagar and ganga. she chooses to harm her, so that the tyke bites the dust before its even conceived. she swears revenge on the family. as she enters he kitchen, she finds madhvi get ready meds for upriya, multi vitamins. she says that she is occupied and requests that prabha go and offer it to her. she concurs and encourages to give the meds in milk. madhvi goes along. while prabha is planning milk, she slips the drug that she has brought for end of pregnancy, and after that takes it up to supriya, who after much hesitance drinks it, on prabh’s urging. as she tucks her to rest, prabha evilly feels that she should execute this tyke with the moderate toxic substance planned for it.

Scene 3:

Area: Court room

while sagar touches base with his customer, the prosecutor gets some information about somebody lawful reprsenting raahat maa, in case. ganga presents herself, saying that she has considered law. sagar and ganga eye each other ungracefully. The agent requests that her deliver the permit, furthermore the correct organization for open suit, and refers to her letter as useless. ganga requests that he check pleasantly, while he criticizes her for attempting to show him his employment. sagar stands watching this all. raahat mama says that she should get everything poperly composed soon. the assistant taunts them to go. as they go out, sagar grins exactly when ganga is going to clear out. raahat mama says that she is holding up outside. after she leaves, sagar insults her about her wastefulness in legitimate matters. she is harmed as she listens to all that.

Scene 4:

Area: Ganga’s living arrangement

Ganga recollects sagar’s insults, to demonstrate that the notification isn’t right. she eyes her family dozing, and is tensed for them. she returns to investigating and beginning anew, without minding what time is it, until its morning. she leaves to spruce up. raahat mama awakens and discovers ganga’s place exhaust and ponders where she went. she rings, and becomes more acquainted with that ganga is as of now in the legitimate office, and says that she might come soon.

Scene 5:

Area: Court room

Ganga holds up, as she comes much sooner than even the workplace opens and sits tight for the day to begin. raahat comes and afterward they discover the women coming in. sagar too accompanies the proprietor, and afterward clarifying all the fitting lawful conventions, she refers to this legitimate notification as all wrong and unlawful. the assistant is perplexed into hush. sagar eyes her tensedly. ganga indicates how there isnt any enrolled letter in raahat’s name, for going out. the representative requests the proprietor to give the keys to raahat. he does as such resignedl. sagar stands tensed. the screen solidifies on ganga and sagar’s face.

Precap: Sagar is going to go out, when ganga insults him about his comments, and how he needed to fall level all over, because of his wrong suppositions and characterisation about her and raahat, and other women,in the house. he seethe, however resignedly listens.