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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yamini has gotten Rahul in a rise of her vitality. The sanctuary ringer rings. Rahul is liberated from her forces. She is astonished when he holds her from behind. Your forces won’t deal with me. Who are you and why are you doing this? What have we done to you? She answers that he can’t hurt her. You can’t do anything to me. Regardless she supposes in the matter of how he can be so intense as to face him. He asks her once more. She takes Manvi’s name to occupy him and starts to keep running in inverse heading. Rahul spares her in time when an auto was going to slam into her. She requests that he free her.

He says I simply spared you yet you are so unpleasant. She says I ought to thank the person who slaughtered my significant other. You murdered him in Pushpanjali wilderness. Rahul is stunned to realize that Yamini is Yugant’s significant other. I shot in an alternate

side. I don’t know how he got hurt. She declines to trust it. he says Yugant came to police headquarters when I went to surrender. She lets him know how she came to police headquarters in Yugant’s structure. I dint need law to rebuff you. I needed to rebuff you and Manvi myself. He understands that he has to be sure murdered Yugant. He discloses everything to her however she stays put on her central goal to execute both him and Manvi. I will likewise bolster my significant other like you backing your better half. I will slaughter your better half simply like you murdered my Yugant. He concedes his error. Kindly don’t hurt Manvi. Try not to rebuff her for my error. I can do anything to amend my mix-up. I am prepared to bite the dust. You can’t hurt Manvi. I wont give you a chance to do it. She instructs him to be prepared for death now. I will slaughter you both. Rahul clarifies that he was just securing his better half. I dint murder Yugant deliberately. He was directing firearm at my better half. I needed to secure her. Yamini supposes he is so presumptuous even subsequent to being close demise. I will need to break it first. She mystically changes the climate.

Manvi is greatly stressed for Rahul seeing the climate conditions. Upmanyu goes to close the windows.

Yamini hurts Rahul yet then gives up. I can execute Manvi immediately on the off chance that I need to. Try not to attempt to come in my direction. He again says he can do anything to redress his slip-up. Try not to hurt Manvi please. She requests Yugant consequently. He asks for her to comprehend it was inadvertent. I dint do anything purposefully. Manvi is not in the least at issue. She says alright. Get prepared for discipline. I will you both. He consents to pass on in the event that it implies she will avoid Manvi and his family after his demise. She is astonished that he truly isn’t apprehensive about her. She assaults him once more.

Manvi keeps on appealing to God for Rahul.

Rahul gets up. Yamini says what the purpose of murdering you when you are not notwithstanding asking for your life is. I will slaughter Manvi first. She will ask before my eyes. it will give me peace. My vengeance will be finished then. he cautions her not to do as such. I thought you have endured a ton in the wake of losing her better half however you are a terrible lady. I wont give you a chance to do anything like this. She ties him in some vitality with which he battles to free himself. Bear it. I will manage Manvi meanwhile. She takes off. Rahul liberates himself and rushes to spare Manvi.

Rahul comes to Chatterjee house. He inquires as to whether she is fine. She gestures. He advises her Yamini’s truth yet she doesn’t respond. Manvi chuckles which confounds Rahul. Yamini comes in her genuine symbol. You got tricked once more. you thought you can spare your Manvi by coming here before me? I did my work. I included toxin in Manvi’s glass. He is certain Manvi wont drink juice from her hands. She gestures. Manvi will drink it in the event that I offer it to her in your structure. He holds her neck irately. She inquires as to whether he needs to slaughter her or spare Manvi.

Rahul stops Manvi in the nick of time. He advises her to be ready. Nobody knows who will be who now. Manvi asks why Sandhya is after them. Rahul offers that Sandhya has lost her significant other.

Yamini supposes she has held up enough. Manvi will need to kick the bucket this evening. Close the same number of entryways as you wish to yet I will come inside. Kabir comes there. She gets agitated on him for coming here at this point. you dint come when I required you. He helps her to remember her guarantee to him. I won’t get the horn in the event that you slaughter Manvi. She asks him how could he advise her what she ought to do. He reasons that Rahul won’t give them that horn if Manvi is no more. I called you here to get the horn as it were. She brings up that she dint come here on anybody’s request. I came to take vengeance of my significant other’s passing. Kabir gets tensed. His mom conceals for him. In what capacity will you feel in the event that somebody like Rahul will grab your forces? We feel the same way. If you don’t mind bring that horn for us. Yamini says that is alright. In any case, my requital is of most extreme significance for me. I will get it once I do my work. Bring Kabir with you. Kabir’s mom gestures.

Rahul educates Manvi concerning Yugant being Yamini’s better half. Manvi says how we will battle with them. they aren’t ordinary individuals. Rahul says we need to discover everything. I just know the name now – Yugant. We will need to inquiry him and his history now. Manvi checks on the web. Rahul peruses his office address. Manvi is concerned as it can be hazardous for him yet he has no alternative. We need to discover Yugant’s truth. Manvi needs to go with him yet he requests that her stay back at home safe with the family. Manvi reasons that Yamini can come here and assault her and everybody. She wont hurt other people in the event that I run with you. He denies. I can’t bring you with me.

Rahul needs to bring home keys with him. I will come in with the keys. Check first before giving anybody access. Manvi instructs him to deal with himself.

Kabir’s mother censures Kabir for losing his sense in annoyance. Yamini would have slaughtered you in the event that she had known you are behind Yugant’s demise. In what manner would you be able to act that way? Kabir is bolstered up of Yamini’s dramatization and fits of rage. I will send her to her significant other at this point. I have had enough! He leaves leaving his mom astounded/stressed.

Rahul goes to Yugant’s office. He meets a young lady named Simran there who is additionally an enthusiast of Rahul. She has exchanged employment after Yugant’s demise. I come here as Yamini Ma’am requesting that I come here once per week to complete some official work. Rahul inquires as to whether something other than what’s expected happened after Yugant’s demise. Simran talks around a man who Yugant used to meet. He was exceptionally discourteous. His name was Kabir. Rahul says thanks to SImran for her assistance. I ought to have comprehended it must be Kabir. He will assault from behind on the off chance that he can’t do it from front. I ought to illuminate Manvi.

Rahul redesigns Manvi on the same. She is not in any manner astounded listening to Kabir’s name. I was certain he is included in it some way or another. We can’t do anything. Our adversary was expanded who we need to confront. He replays the whole episode. Was Yugant alone that night? Manvi saw another person sitting with Yugant. He had his back to me. I dint his face. He cleared out before I came to there. Rahul says coherently he couldn’t have left the puja in the middle of till the ceremonies complete. Possibly the person was concealing some place to assault Yugant. Possibly it was Kabir. In the event that we get some evidence of Kabir’s nearness there in Pushpanjali then everything will be clear. Manvi too is certain Kabir is behind it. Perhaps Yamini will trust us then and abandon us. Go to police. We need to get proofs against Kabir so police likewise believes us. Rahul consents to leave immediately. They both let each know other to fare thee well.