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Naagarjun 22 July 2016 Written Update

Naagarjun 22 July 2016 Written Update

Nandi mahara goes to keep Astika’s contemplation on Vasuki’s solicitation. Astika’s spirit leaves casing and tells Nandi that he knows Vasuki need despatched him to ruin his reflection, in any case he’s thinking for Mahadev, so he have to do a reversal back. Nandi returns returned. Astika’s spirit is going again into his body and he keeps contemplating.

Arjun goes to his home sanctuary and appeals to guard his circle of relatives and Noorie after his withering. He leaves living arrangement. Havan fiery debris kalash gleam. Noorie feels Arjun is in a bad position and gets worried for him. Arjun calls her and she detaches call. She detaches it over and over, at last decisions and says she taught him..He requests that arrival on video name. She switches on video call and says she prompted him not to call him. He says he’s going to now not her call again and requests that her smile when, says she used to say she he has substantially less time, be that as it may he does no more have time by any stretch of the imagination. She inquires as to why is he telling he does now not have time. He says he will no more meet her after today and switches off portable.

Mohini indicates bother shastra to Shankchurn and says its vitality will start off this evening and when he murders Arjun and takes nagmani from his edge, they may go back to naglok and Shankchurn might be ruler of three universes. Arjun achieves venue saw through SP. Arjun thank you god that SP listened to his expressions and arrived here to see Shankchurn’s truth and not allow him wed Noorie and execute her. Mohini gives bother shastra to Shankchurn. Shankchurn demonstrates her Arjun and says he told human are enthusiastic dolts and Arjun arrived to spare Noorie and own family. Mohini inquires as to whether he came to kick the bucket. Arjun says beyond any doubt, people can bite the dust to shield their friends and family. SP stows away at the back of tree and watches the entire thing. Arjun requests that give him blade. Mohini he needs to illuminate annoy devta that he’s unfiot for his given powers and could return it. Arjun inquires as to why he need to illuminate whilst he’s withering in any case. Shankchurn yells to do as is commonly said. Arjun says he has 2 wishes, one he goals to see them of their bother/snake structure before downfall and they should tell howmany of snakes like them are in Amroli. Shankchurn yells why need to they tell, he has come here to die.Mohini says they could fulfill his first craving and they both trade into snake after which human. SP watches everything. Shankchurn gets cut and requests that Arjun cut his mid-section with this blade. Arjun holds blade and it shines with superpowers. Mohini and Shankchurn look in a wonder. Shankchurn asks what’s happening. Mohini it isn’t generally a decent sign, with nagmani’s forces if Arjun’s forces get actuated, even bother shastra can’t slaughter him. Shankchurn yells at Arjun to slaughter himself for Noorie and his circle of relatives. Arjun takes a gander at Noorie’s capable memento and thinks back her telling with her adoration and memento’s security, he can battle with every one of us. He thinks back Noorie and his harmony, his mother’s expressions and says he’s going to now not defy his mother. Shankchurn incites him over and over to slaughter himself for Noorie and his circle of relatives.

Arjun cuts Shankchurn with bother shastra. Mohini yells at Arjun that he sold out them. Arjun says being a snake, they’re wandering in human frame and double-crossed mankind as an option. She decisions bother shastra and endeavors to cut Arjun, however SP stops her and shoots, however slugs don’t harm her. SP asks what’s this. Arjun requests that he escape from here and takes him behind tree. Shankchurn says they have to slaughter SP first and hunts SP fit as a fiddle. SP asks Arjun what are those individuals, snake or human or conjurers. Arjun says they can talk later, first he should break out from right here. SP apologizes him for questioning his affection for Noorie and requests that he guarantee that he’ll watch Noorie after he kicks the bucket. Arjun says they will talk it later, however guarantees on his request.