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Bahu Hamari Rajni 22 July 2016 Written Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni 22 July 2016 Written Update

The Episode begins offevolved with Surili telling that she is so tragic and apologizes to Amrish. She says i’m no pregnant. Amrish gets some information about the test and surveys. Surili says it is of a man else. Surili says your jalwas are failure. She thank you her bahus furthermore apologizes. She requests that Rajni and Sharmila return to room. Dhyan says don’t perceive what she will have the capacity to do now. Surili presses Sharmila’s neck and requests that Rajni hold up in line. Rajni says alright charge set up.. Surili says my acknowledge is demolished. Rajni requests that her squeeze her neck at her own special possibility. Surili asks her no more to undertaking her and says i can drink your blood. Rajni says i’ve cutting edge inside me. Surili says I need to hit you with seeker. Rajni says i will get seeker. Surili cries and inquires as to why did you believe that i am pregnant. Sharmila says mummy ji, we didn’t do any misstep, it transformed into composed for your record which you are pregnant. Surili requests that her pass on it. Sharmila convey the record.

Surili tests it and inquires as to whether her call is composed on it. Rajni says it isn’t composed which you are not pregnant. Amrish comes and says we might confirm, and says chotu kant is likely covered up in your womb. Surili says i am currently not pregnant and says every individual is distraught in this living arrangement with the exception of me. Rajni says temper swings happens in pregnancy. Surili requests that her pass on dangerous drain and says it’s far for you both. Amrish requests that her no more get hyper as it’s far unwell for baby. Amrish asks whose document is this. They see Aishwarya coming devouring tamarind. She says I don’t should be mum. Rajni says it’s far God’s available and requests that her not decline God’s available. Aishwarya says she needn’t bother with little child. Rajni says we will take godh bharayi Rasam for you. Aishwarya gets enthusiastic and says i’m terrified. Aishwarya’s significant other come there intoxicated. Aishwarya requests that him now not do show. Rajni tells that he has drank sensibly estimated wine. Aishwarya’s better half requests that her give cash. Aishwarya falls on his toes and offers money. Aishwarya requests that he return. Rajni slaps him extreme and he gets shaken. Rajni says it is harmful to wellbeing. Amrish says that is the reason Aishwarya needn’t bother with child. Surili says spouses don’t expense wives.

Rajni supposes I should make monkey have ginger taste. Shaan includes the kitchen to get espresso. He sees Samaira and says hello there. Samaira says you have frightened me. She says she came to make coffee as she needs to analyze a case. Shaan says we might proceed onward a long weight. Samaira says you are hitched now. Shaan says wouldn’t we be able to be pals. He requests that her arrival on.

Rajni requests that Aishwarya not stress. Aishwarya comes local. Her significant other advises his sibling that he’s going to beat her. He sees Aishwarya coming and requests that her give cash. Aishwarya lets him know that she has chosen not to offer him money. He asks his buddy/sibling to give chappal and says Aishwarya can be pounded these days. Rajni enters breaking the entryway. Aishwarya’s significant other gets staggered. Rajni comes indisguise of a man and advises that Aishwarya expressed beyond any doubt to him. Her significant other asks who’re you? Rajni says i’m Pappu auto wala, and were given a courageous woman Aishwarya. Aishwarya grins. Pappu requests that he leave and says i can deal with your life partner and newborn child. Aishwarya says my pappu will manage my tappu. Pappu says what you will instruct your child, betting, drinking and so forth. She requests that Aishwarya return with her. Aishwarya’s significant other requests that her take a seat, and guarantees that he’ll not the slightest bit drink wine or get in touch with it. He requests that her take unwinding and says i will procure money. Aishwarya asks absolutely and requests that he guarantee. Her better half ensures. Aishwarya advises Pappu that she goals to give an extreme risk to Tokaram. Pappu says you have broken my coronary heart and says OK. Aishwarya advises her significant other that she needs to eat up aloo parathe. Rajni thinks affection can change even tricks. She supposes why Shaan haven’t included this alternative in me and says bewakhoof/senseless researcher.