May I Come in Madam 23 July 2016 Written Update

May I Come in Madam 23 July 2016 Written Update

The Episode begins with Sanju going to court. Manager asks him is he keeping his own case. Sanaju says no, my lawful expert will stun you. Mummy comes there as Sanju’s legal advisor. She says I m by then that one side is my child in control and other side is you. Manager and mummy be a tease and convey like Mughal e azam performing artists. Mummy advises pick that she needs to rehash what happened to that day. Manager says i will direct you. Mummy requests that he happen Sanjana and that i gets to be Sanju, i will illuminate you what to do in your ears. Supervisor giggles.

Mummy goes to supervisor and that they demonstration like Sanju and Sanjana. Sanjana asks would i be able to sob in your shoulder. Sanju says yes, and they embrace. Supervisor requests that mummy continue embracing this way, its entertaining. Bhupesh asks mummy what’s happening with she. Mummy says then Sanju felt its inaccurate, he made himself away andSanjana has nibbled his shoulder with nails. Supervisor says I need to do that once more, however through Sanjana’s perspective. Mummy as Sanju tells his torment and embraces Boss/Sanjana maintaining he is tormented by method for his significant other. judge requests that they do ordinary question and replies. Mummy says sorry, and questions Sanjana what came to pass for, how could she have been able to she get attacked. Sanjana says it began sooner than, Sanju used to shake arms, he used to keep my fingers. Sanju gets amazed.

Sanjana says I didn’t take note of that Sanju is thinking horrendous. Mummy and supervisor get talking around their story. Kashmira asks whats happening, this is not case. Sanju asks mummy to mindfulness on case. Sanjana says Sanju arrived in my lodge and attacked me. Sanju says she is lying. Mummy askas why did she yell. Sanjana says my lodge in sound evidence. Sanju says entryway is open all the entryway. Mummy protects Sanju. Supervisor and mummy be a tease once more.Bhupesh requests that mummy take case forward. Sanju says I trained you Kashmira, now not to give my case to mummy. Manager takes mummy’s viewpoint. Supervisor questions Sanju and asks when did he meet Sanjana. Sanju says six months prior, she calls me in her lodge with no works of art, and used to talk sentimental. Sanjana asks when. Sanju says you said shayari as well. She says i truly like shayari. Manager gets came back to playing with mummy. Mummy becomes flushed. Sanju whines around Sanjana making him a canine, and even manager is a piece of this. Sanjana says I did that for organization’s improvement. Sanju says you utilized me. Sanjana and Sanju accuse each distinctive for teasing. judge says i’m capable to’t achieve any choice, don’t comprehend who is duplicity and who is maintaining truth, we can see case in next listening to. Mummy apologizes to manager. Manager says i adore… and Sanjana takes him.

At office, Sanjana is irate. Sanjana indicates Sanju to begin seeming frantic, so he can illuminate everyone that he did rowdiness in this mental demonstration. Sanju is going to supervisor and begins acting frantic, to make manager sure that Sanju is interesting. Sanjana comes and supervisor advises her Sanju is performing distraught. Sanjana requests that Sanju attempt this show infront of NGO individuals, why are you alarming my father. Sanju says hold up a min, and issues supervisor. Sanju is running with Sanjana.

Sanju goes local and Khiloni stops him. He teases Sanju and asks how is she. Sanju admonishes him and gets irate for Kishore beating him the day past. Khiloni says you would have called me there. Sanju asks what might you be able to do. Khiloni says we would have samosas there, did madam give any thought. Sanju says its splendid idea, i will’t say it, i will do and indicate it while i get risk. Khiloni requests that while get risk. Kishore comes and Sanju says hazard has come… ..

Kishore reprimands Sanju and Sanju acts frantic. He requests that Khiloni twist down and targets like he is in some contention and battling. Kishore asks what came to pass for. Khiloni says I don’t understand, you’re seeing him. Kishore says he were given frantic, we ought to show him out. Sanju acts like Raj Kapoor and says by what method will you’re making me leave from your heart. Sanju holds Kishore. Kashmira comes and requests that Bhupesh and Khiloni take Sanju home. Kashmira asks Sanju what’s happening with she, did he teased Kishore. Bhupesh says all folks are not secure. Sanju requests that Khiloni notice reality to Kashmira. Dadi comes in Kashmira. Khiloni cries and tells Sanju that Dadi has come. Sanju sees Dadi. Mummy, Bhupesh and Khiloni flee.