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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Tiwari says god I shdnt have gone to Orem Chaudhary house, anguri comes there n says hello today I’m in extraordinary sentimental disposition n today with my unwavering spouse today I might invest some sentimental energy, Tiwari thinks yet somebody is attempting to demonstrate me a womanizer, anguri says approach sit close me, Tiwari says I’m close u, he gets a call, Tiwari says who is it, Vibhuti changes voice n says Tiwari if ur wife is close u say I cherish u, Anita sees Vibhuti n says who is he conversing with n in changed voice, Tiwari requests that anguri get water, she leaves, Vibhuti says say I adore u, Tiwari says I cherish u, Anita says gracious this Vibhu is playing with young ladies , Vibhuti keeps telephone n says yes now bhabhiji will question on Tiwari.

Following day Tiwari goes to see Anita n says so great to see u home however why do u look upset,

Anita says Tiwari I’m as of now tensed don’t inconvenience me,Tiwari says cmon u can share ur issues, Anita says Vibhu is having an unsanctioned romance, Tiwari begins chuckling n says what a joke, Anita says this isn’t a joke I heard Him say I cherish u, Tiwari says all things considered u shd toss him out, Anita says I will however I have to catch him in the act n I require ur help for it, so u need to fooolw Vibhu n give me all points of interest, Tiwari says beyond any doubt I will.

Tiwari keeping an eye on Vibhuti n tailing him all around n thinks today I will give bhabhiji all his issue points of interest n then bhabhiji n me that is it, Vibhuti thinks now tiwaris faithfulness I will demonstrate that he isn’t give me a chance to call him n enters a telephone corner, Tiwari supposes he should converse with his sweetheart, Vibhuti available to come back to work to Tiwari says why did u require some investment to pick my call, Tiwari says quit upsetting me, what u need, Vibhuti says yell uproariously that u are a womanizer noisily, Tiwari yells I’m a womanizer, Vibhuti slices call n strolls to Tiwari n says come lets have some tea.

Vibhuti inquires as to why were u yelling, Tiwari asks who were u talking to,Vibhuti says I was conversing with a womanizer bye. In room, Vibhuti asks Anu who are u talking to,Anita says my old clg friend,Vibhuti says great to associate, Anita says hey don’t u think that its fishy, Vibhuti says I don’t question u, I adore u, Anita’s ays gracious truly don’t u recollect in clg u use to question on me a considerable measure, Vibhuti says I was excessively youthful n parading u in this way, Anita says goodness truly why did u wed, Vibhuti says bcoz I didn’t discover any other person, Anita says that is it u don’t love me any longer.

Vibhuti says enough Anu, I’m an unwavering sweetheart, n let me know when did I undermine u, Anita says what do I know, I just know Tiwari is just faithful individual here, Vibhuti says plz Anu he is free character n not me n u will discover Asap, goodbye.

Vibhuti awakens, gulfamkali says I’m sitting tight for u down the stairs accessible if the need arises to Vibhu n says I require my cash n if u ding descend I will turn out, Vibhuti races to her n says this is not done why are u, gulfamkali tries to get near Vibhuti, toward comes in gallery n sees them n says this is something cooking.gulfamkali says I need 5000, Tiwari begins recording them, Vibhuti says I can’t give u any longer money,gulfamkali says alright since u are so sweet get me 4000, Tiwari says now bhabhiji will toss him out,Vibhuti says I will give u cash tomorrow plz leave, she says alright.

Tiwari following day goes to Anita n says ur work is done, I have a trailer for u, n what I saw, u know I mean I will converse with Vibhutiji, Anita says no let me know show me, anguri comes n says here’s halwa for u, Anita says thanku n Tiwari plz show me,Tiwari says alright here it is see, anguri says what appear, Tiwari demonstrates them pictures of Vibhuti n gulfamkali, anguri says this is so baffling, thank god my better half isn’t free character like Vibhutiji, Vibhuti enters no ays great to see u all together, n bhabhiji u thought Tiwari is faithful however I have some well known pictures n indicates them pictures of Tiwari with gulfamkali.

Anita n anguri take a gander at them in annoyance, Vibhuti says see I to,d u he is free character , Anita says n what abt u n demonstrates his picture,Vibhuti says gee golly god.

Vibhuti n Tiwari on pelus rickshaw, drinking n pointing the finger at each other, Tiwari says where will we stay now our spouses have tossed us out, gulfamkali comes no ays when I’m here why u require a spot go to my home, Vibhuti n Tiwari flee.

Precap: prem Chaudhary, Vibhuti , Tiwari playing cards, prem Chaudhary affronts them.

Anita says Vibhu give me power charge n money I gave u I will pay it myself.towari comes n brings Vibhuti with him, Anita says this two together this is fishy.