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Afghan teenager met Munich gunman just before attack, says prosecutor

Afghan teenager met Munich gunman just before attack, says prosecutor

A 16-year-old Afghan youth who was captured on Sunday had been in contact by means of WhatsApp with a 18-year-old shooter who killed nine individuals in Munich two days prior furthermore met him just before the assault, Bavarian authorities said. The young, who was addressed after he reached police taking after the shooting, is under scrutiny for conceivably having neglected to report the arrangements of the shooter.

Thomas Steinkraus-Koch, senior open prosecutor in Munich, told a news gathering on Monday the Afghan had been in contact with the shooter by means of WhatApp until in the blink of an eye before the assault. He wiped the discussion, yet authorities could recover it. “This (WhatsApp) talk and addressing of a suspect has demonstrated that the Afghan met the shooter straightforwardly before the firearm assault at what was later the scene of the wrongdoing,” Steinkraus-Koch told a news meeting in Munich.

The shooting was one of four assaults in Germany – three of them by transients – since July 18 that have left 10 individuals dead and 34 harmed, a toll that may elevate open restlessness over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-entryway evacuee arrangement. More than a million vagrants have entered Germany over the previous year, numerous escaping war in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

The WhatsApp visit demonstrated the Afghan knew the German-Iranian shooter was in control of a Glock 17 gun, Steinkraus-Koch said. “They became more acquainted with each other the previous summer, in 2015, in a psychiatric center where they experienced treatment,” he said. “There, it likewise got to be evident to the (Afghan) suspect that the assailant was keen on Breivik,” Steinkraus-Koch included, alluding to Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 individuals in consecutive assaults in Norway in 2011.

The Afghan’s choice to erase his WhatsApp talk with the shooter and their meeting just before the Munich assault drove examiners to associate he knew with the arranged shooting ahead of time. “We will now seek after this suspicion,” Steinkraus-Koch said.