Two suspected BLA members arrested from Rajanpur

Two suspected BLA members arrested from Rajanpur

RAJANPUR: Two suspected aggressors are captured from Rajanpur in Punjab on Monday, Geo news reported.

As per the police, the suspected activists had a place with the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA).

Six kilograms of touchy material, remote control gadgets and two guns were likewise recouped from the captured suspects.

Prior, the armed force was called upon to take out the Chotu pack, which is connected with BLA in Kacha Jamal range of Rajanpur. it was accounted for that weapons produced in India were seized from the equipped men captured amid the operation.

More than 160 dacoits and heels sponsored by fear outfits and hostile to state components have been copped so far in security operations led in Rajanpur.