Obama denies any U.S. involvement in Turkey coup bid

Obama denies any U.S. involvement in Turkey coup bid

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Friday denied any U.S. part in Turkey’s fizzled upset and demanded that a removal demand for a U.S.- based Muslim priest blamed for arranging the putsch would need to use typical procedures.

Obama, talking at a news meeting, said he told Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan in a call not long ago that the United States had no earlier information of the fruitless overthrow.

“Any reports that we had any past information of an overthrow endeavor, that there was any U.S. contribution in it, that we were something besides altogether steady of Turkish vote based system are totally false, unequivocally false,” Obama said.

“He (Erdogan) necessities to ensure that he as well as everyone in his legislature, comprehends that those reports are totally false,” Obama included. “Since when bits of gossip like that begin whirling around, that puts our kin at danger on the ground in Turkey and it debilitates what is a basic collusion and organization between the United States and Turkey.”

Reports of U.S. contribution in the overthrow endeavor, which were likewise denied not long ago by the U.S. minister to Turkey, have all the earmarks of being mostly fuelled by the way that pastor Fethullah Gulen lives in deliberate outcast in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.

Erdogan charges Gulen, a charming previous partner, of planning the plot against him. In a crackdown on Gulen’s suspected devotees, more than 60,000 officers, police, judges, government employees and educators have been suspended, confined or put under scrutiny.

Gulen has denounced the endeavored upset and denied any inclusion in it.

Obama, repeating what U.S. authorities had said not long ago, said he told Erdogan his legislature should first present proof of Gulen’s asserted complicity in the fizzled overthrow. A removal solicitation would then get the survey required by the Justice Department and other government offices simply like some other appeal.

“America’s administered by principles of law, and those are not ones that the president of the United States or any other person can simply set aside for practicality,” Obama said. “We must experience a lawful procedure.”

Serdar Kilic, the Turkish diplomat to the United States, told a news gathering on Friday that his nation had presented the “vital documentation” for Gulen’s removal. In any case, U.S. Equity Department representative Peter Carr said he couldn’t yet give a “hard yes or no” on whether the materials put together by Turkey constituted a formal removal demand.