Mexican musician decapitated, wife and son killed

Mexican musician decapitated, wife and son killed

Shooters burst into a performer’s home in southern Mexico, executed him and slaughtered his better half and child, police said.

The equipped gathering entered the family’s home in Juchitan, Oaxaca state, at 2:30 am on Thursday and killed Victor Sanchez, 40, the vocalist of the tropical band Sensacion Caribu, the police said in an announcement.

His significant other and 11-year-old child were gunned down. It was the second butcher of a family this week in Oaxaca, a state that has been generally saved of the medication brutality harrowing different locales of Mexico.

The state prosecutor’s office issued a different articulation saying that shots had been discharged at Sanchez’s home a couple of months back and that a note debilitating him with death was abandoned at the time. Powers are researching whether the killings are connected to a question between adversary criminal packs.

In the past slaughter on Monday, eight shark anglers from the same family were killed in Puerto Escondido, a shoreline resort popular among surfers. Powers said they were exploring whether the anglers were included in unlawful exercises adrift. Authorities did not determine what kind of exercises, but rather medications are sent along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Somewhere else in Mexico on Thursday, powers discovered six bodies on a way in the eastern condition of Veracruz.

The casualties incorporated a cop who had been absent since Saturday, three other men and two ladies, powers said. Likewise in Veracruz, a 45-year-old columnist, Pedro Tamayo Rosas, was gunned down before his significant other and two youngsters late Wednesday. Tamayo is the nineteenth columnist executed subsequent to 2010 in Veracruz.