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Polling underway for Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly

Polling underway for Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly

MUZAFFARABAD: Polling for the tenth general races on 41 seats of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly is in advancement.

The surveying will proceed with no break till 5 PM, however voters present in the surveying stations will be permitted to make their choice even after expiry of the time.

AJK Election Commission has made essential plans to lead the races in a free, reasonable and straightforward way.

Around four hundred twenty-three applicants are joining in the decision.

More than two point six million voters of twenty-nine voting demographics of AJK and twelve saved seats for displaced people of Jammu Kashmir settled in Pakistan are practicing their entitlement to establishment.

Uncommon security game plans have been made by sending thirty six thousand work force of Army, Rangers, Frontier Constabulary and Police to keep up peace.

After a vivacious decision battle by the political gatherings that finished on Tuesday, extreme rivalry is normal in the races, particularly from the standard political gatherings, for example, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Individuals will specifically choose delegates on 41 general seats, for which 423 hopefuls are at present challenging.

Individuals of AJK will specifically choose 29 hopefuls, though, 12 delegates will be picked by Kashmiris living in Pakistan.

In the surveys, 26 political gatherings and Independent applicants are taking an interest.

There are additionally eight Special Seats for the AJK Assembly, having five seats held for ladies, one for technocrat, one for Ulema-e-Mushaikh (religious researcher), and one for abroad Pakistanis.

A sum of 274,586 individuals will utilize their entitlement to vote in the AJK general races.

The quantity of Kashmiri voters dwelling in Pakistan is 438,884. A sum of 5,427 surveying stations have been set up for the voters, out of which 1500 have been announced as delicate.

Surveying additionally began for the two AJKLA seats in Sindh, LA-30 and the LA-36.

Political gatherings essentially concentrate on Karachi in light of the fact that most voters of the two bodies electorate live in the city. There are 22 competitors challenging for the two seats. No less than 49 surveying stations have been set up in various parts of the city, where more than 13,000 voters will cast their votes.

Boss Secretary Azad Kashmir Jalal Sikandar Sultan Raja Thursday said that satisfactory security game plans had been made for smooth and tranquil behavior of the surveying.

Tranquil behavior of the surveying will be guaranteed at each cost he said while conversing with media subsequent to assessing security game plans made at surveying stations here.

He said a system of various security offices had been built up to give secure environment to voters so they could cast their votes with no weight and dread.

He said more than 22 000 Army troops had been sent at surveying stations notwithstanding Police and semi military to turn away any unsettling influence in the surveying procedure.