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Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 4

Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love- Episode 4

Mohabbat, Pyaar, Love-Episode 4



Khushi and Ishu touch base at the eatery… .Arnav is dumbstruck seeing Khushi in a white full length outfit… .

Arnav’s POV,

Why do god make young ladies bful? Is it for us to appreciate… .(grins)… .But she looks truly bful in this white dress… ..Arnav what are u contemplating? No marriage gets ready for now alright… .Dont fall in her excellence…

Pov over.

Kabir shakes Arnav who was respecting Khushi at the same time.

Khushi and Ishita reach close them…

Ishu:Ok then Arnav… Khushi would all say all is yours… You ppl can choose either u wanna wed or Not after this… If it is a Yes let me know If No dont utter a word caught on?

Kabir:Why so? On the off chance that it is yes or no it’s their life dont meddle… ..

Ishu: Hello Mr.Dont meddle (Arshi snicker)… .Dont meddle in my life additionally alright…

Kabir: Never mind… Ok Arnav have a fabulous time Bye

Drags Ishu alongside him… Ishu looks on confounded


Arnav:U look bful in this dress…

Khushi(blush):Thank u ji

Arnav:Can we go in… .

Khushi:Sure ?

Arshi enter the eatery and see a table enlivened with candles and roses… ..They get situated.

Khushi:Arnav ji… .Can we discuss ur family?

Khushi(in mind):What the damnation Khushi… ..is tht something u ask out on the town… .

Arnav:Yah beyond any doubt

Arnav(in mind):Is that something to talk about out on the town… .Kabir is correct u are a moron Arnav… ..

Arnav(continues):I have two sisters Anjali and Ankita… .My folks are in London taking care of our business… I and My di’s are caring for business here… …

Khushi:Can u show me ur di’ pics


He takes his telephone and demonstrates the pics and she gets Shocked to see his sister Ankita… .

Khushi:Yeh toh… .(this is-indicating at Ankita)

Arnav:What happened?

Khushi:This is Ishu’s sister in law

Arnav:I know

Khushi(widening her eyes):What?

Arnav:Yah… I know Ishu from a loong time

Khushi:But she never let me know

Arnav snickers… .

Khushi:Aap yaha hampe hasne aaye hai toh murmur jaa rahe hai(If u have come here to snicker at me then I am going)

She gets up to clear out. Arnav holds her hand and pulls her towards him… ..Rabba ve plays… ..She loses all sense of direction in his eyes

Arnav:Sorry Khushi… .I never intended to hurt you

Khushi(gets back her sense):Its alright…

Arnav:Tell me about u

Khushi and Arnav invest some energy clarifying abt themselves.Khushi begins talking a ton… .Arnav appreciates her… ..Ishq bulava plays… …


Ishu:Mr.Dont meddle y did u drag me… .And how set out u drag me

Kabir:Now i comprehended y Khushi said u are a Jhansi ki rani… ..

Ishu grins

Kabir:Ms.How might I venture to… .am sad for dragging u… … I thought u will never quit talking thats why

Ishita:Its alright… .dont do like this again without my authorization alright

Kabir:Sure mam

Ishu:U recognize what… ..I really dont put stock in marriage

Kabir:Wow neither me

They do hey fi

Ishu:But my bhai says getting hitched makes u feel ensured and feel spcl… ..I dont think so

Kabir:Does ur sibling watch saas bahu serials?

Ishu(laughs):Dont say abt my brother like that… .nd he doesnt watch serials… .U know he is a designer

Kabir’s face turns tragic which is seen by Ishu

Ishu:Any issue… .uh oh did I say anything incorrectly… Actually I talk a ton so I dont recall what I said and all ,sad if anything hurt u

Kabir:Nothing like that… .really the shop toward the end of this road was my fav meeting point.All my companions and once in a while their young lady companions come there… .after educational cost every one of us stay there till 7:30 and the proprietor kaka(uncle) toss us out… ..Soo numerous recollections are joined with this spot

Ishu:oh amazing… ..so u are fundamentally a banglorian right?

Kabir:Yah… .I was raised here however essentially from delhi

Ishu:Hi fi… .me too from delhi… ..(clarification about her family)

Kabir:Oh pleasant… so u have a sibling right… .senior kin are soo much fun.My czin sibling used to stay with us in our home he is 5yrs more seasoned than me… we had a great time… .I truly miss him

Ishita:Me as well… .We have such a large number of likenesses right…

Kabir:May be… .yah… u are correct… .

Does hello fi once more… Ishu swings to Kabirs side and strolls with her back to the front… … She continues clarifying about her prefers and abhorrences… .How she is near her brother(Karan)… .How he calls her day by day for knowing abt excursions and so forth… ..She hits on a stone and is going to tumble down however Kabir holds her… ..They share eyelock… ..Kabhi jo badal barse plays… .It abruptly begins to rain… .Ishu and Kabir doesnt break their eye bolt yet an auto comes and press the horn – they get once more into their faculties… …

Ishu grins taking a gander at Kabir… He likewise grins… .they keep running back to the eatery after downpour… ..

Following day,

Khushi awakens and discovers her in a blue short night outfit… ..which she despises the most… .She gets furious and hollers at Ishu… ..

Ishu:Khushi what the heck yaar… .u were tanked the previous evening and Arnav,Kabir and myself lifted u and kept in bed… .fortunate for u that I have a house in bglre… …

Khushi augments her eyes listening to Arnav and Kabir lifted her

Khushi:Hey DM… .what hav I done… .in marriage strain I drank a plunder

Ishu:Its alright yaar… .Arnav approved of it

Khushi:But I am most certainly not

Ishu:Just take a chill plant

Khushi:Now in what capacity will I confront them… ..Did I say something incorrectly?

Ishu giggles


The previous evening .Khushi was smashed she begins to sing old hindi tunes and subsequent to singing every tune looks either Arnav or Ishu and says U are so sweet… .Sometimes when she takes a gander at kabir she says U are my sibling

Fb closes

Khushi:DM… ..What have I done… .I am an imbecilic young lady right

Ishu gestures

Ishu:Bye I am heading off to college


*Hope u all preferred the redesign… ..Thank u just for ur support… .

*Anjali.Raizada is played by Dallijeet kaur

*Ankita.Raizada is played by Ankita.Bhargava

*Karan.Mathur is played by Karan patel