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Siya Ke Ram nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins Hanuman getting some information about rebuffing Akampana’s warriors/kinners. Laxman says giving demise discipline will be correct. Ram stops them. Hanuman asks will it be fine to give them demise discipline. The kinners requests that Ram give them demise discipline and free them of this offending life, they joined in this war with the goal that they can be called warriors and get regard, however they lost in the war and there is no utilization to live on the planet, murder us. Ram says this war is for your personality, presence, admiration and glory, each individual has add up to right to live, you are not reinforced, all of you are liberated, Hanuman free them. He requests that then go anyplace. The ladies say our lives have no importance on the off chance that we leave from here. Ram says no, your lives won’t be recolored, all of you bear distress, affront and torment, that is the reason

all of you have a novel energy to comprehend other’s distress, in the event that all of you favor others, they will succeed, this won’t just favor humankind, however all of you will get uncommon spot on the planet, from today everybody will regard you to get your endowments, go and offer gifts to everybody. Hanuman and everybody serenade Jai Shri Ram.

An asur advises Raavan that Ram’s armed force has murdered priest and Durmukh, Hanuman and Laxman slaughtered Akampana. Meghnadh asks where is Akampana’s kin. The asur says Ram won their hearts by his cajole and now they chose to take after Dharm way. Raavan yells Ram, I won’t abandon you alive at this point. He seethe.

Vibhishan says I got information that most capable asur warriors are welcome to Lanka. Laxman says its uplifting news, effective Asurs will pass on along Raavan. Vibhishan says those warriors have unique forces, it won’t be anything but difficult to fizzle them. Jamvanth asks what powers do they have. Vibhishan tells around a strong fallen angel Singa who battles the war by his horn. The fiend welcomes Raavan. Vibhishan tells about Vajradasht, whose body is made of Vajra, nothing influences his body, all weapons break striking his body, and Raavan’s most powerful warrior is Upajh, his half body is of snake and half body is of asur, he can murder numerous persons by his toxic substance without a moment’s delay, every one of the Asurs are most essential for Raavan, Raavan has strength on the world as a result of them, they all speak to Lankesh in various parts of the world. The majority of the Asur warriors welcome Raavan.

Raavan says I feel pleased to see my warriors, all of you are my actual glory, nobody can win over you. He snickers. Ram says it implies, Raavan has got all his spread forces for this war, he will utilize cheat and powers to win in this war, we must be completely arranged and cautious.

Raavan respects his daring and unsafe warriors in the Rajya Sabha with brilliance. They approach what’s order for us, we are energetic to execute your adversary, you are our Swami and defender, we will end whole vanar sena. They all promise to murder Ram and his armed force. They serenade Lankapati ki jai. Raavan and Meghnadh grin.

Sita sits imploring. She opens her eyes listening to Raavan’s snicker. He says you are abnormal and attempt distinctive things, this Akhand jyot is new thing, nobody could spare my adversaries in trilok, and you conviction that this akhand jyot will shield Ram and his vanar sena from me. She says one who lives in figment, feels figment around him, you have been with Mahadev and you ought to see contrast amongst hallucination and reality, you don’t know distinction amongst good and bad being in your pride, that is the reason you don’t know force of maha gayatri mantra and akhand jyot, you lost your faculties. He says the truth will surface eventually who lost detects, Ram has come here to lose his life. He advises her that few days are left for two months to finish, be prepared to wind up my significant other. He goes.

Vanar discuss being ready. Upajh comes there and says so they are those vanars, I will perceive what number of them get spared by my toxin. He drops otherworldly snakes from his hands. The snakes nibbles the vanars. They tumble down. Upajh snickers. Ram hears the sound and thinks whats this sound.

Ram and everybody come to camp territory and get stunned seeing numerous vanar fallen on the ground. Ram hurries to Sugreev and asks what happened, open your eyes. He gets out Angad. Laxman requests that Nir open his eyes. He asks who can cheat this way. Ram reviews Vibhishan’s words. He says Upajh, his snake poison has chomped our whole vanar sena. Vibhishan says however I m astounded, if Upajh’s snakes have nibbled our vanar sena, how are they alive, some force is securing them. Ram takes a gander at the sky. Sita is seen droning gayatri mantra. Ram closes eyes and envisions Sita asking.

Raavan acclaims Upajh for slaughtering vanar sena and winning his heart. He says Ram’s conviction would have destroyed, he will understand his oversight to come to Lanka. Upajh says in the event that you directed me to execute Ram, he would have kicked the bucket at this point. Raavan says no Upajh, Ram’s passing is just by my hands, he needs to get offended by my hands, gradually every one of his assistants will pass on, simply Ram and Laxman will be left, then I will rebuff them for their absurdity and dare. Upajh clears out. Kaikesi accompanies Daasis. Raavan inquires as to why this aarti and blooms. Kaikesi says armed force is above all else’s energy, when armed force gets slaughtered, ruler loses and you have made Ram’s obliteration positive by murdering his vanar sena. He prevents her from applying tilak and says Asur triumph is distinction for me, however my triumph will be that day when Sita makes me wear this festoon. Sita keeps on asking.


Raavan says Ram takes after Dharm, and now he would pay tribute to his vanar sena. Ram yells to Raavan and requests that he come and battle on the off chance that he has force and fearlessness. He shoots the bolt in outrage and that strikes Raavan’s throne. Raavan gets stunned.

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