Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Negligible Angne Mein twentieth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Nandu protecting Preeti. Shanti asks him for what good reason is he getting to be gatherer, and lets him know what Preeti did to inconvenience Nimmi. He gets stunned. Shivam asks Preeti what if I do to make yourself typical and leave this sharpness. She asks are you Lord. Shivam demonstrates her mirror and says you are not the old Preeti, I apologize to you, will this conduct make things fine. Preeti says fine, I m issue for you and goes to hurt herself. Riya and Shivam stop her. Shivam clears out. Preeti cries.

Shanti requests that Nandu do equity now. Nandu says I didn’t know this, I m too bad. Shanti requests that he control his better half, else take her from my home, I don’t need this issues throughout my life. Raghav returns home and asks who is making issues now. Nimmi cries seeing him. Kaushalya asks Nimmi

to get water for Raghav. Shanti says there will be issues, we are enormous family, I needed to see you. Nandu welcomes Raghav and takes off.

Riya deals with Shivam’s hand and requests that he control his annoyance. He says I m not in state of mind to listen to address. He goes. She grins and puts light from mirror on him. He requests that her stop it and gets irate. He pursues her. She grins. He asks her does she need to see his resentment. He gets nearer to her. She takes Kaushalya’s name and runs. Raghav offers something to Nimmi and requests that her open and see her fav thing. Nimmi sees jalebis and cries. She embraces Raghav. Preeti comes there and looks on. Raghav reassures Nimmi. Nimmi says you did late to pardon me. Raghav says guardians can’t stay irritated with youngsters for long time. Shanti and Kaushalya cry. Raghav requests that Kaushalya make Nimmi eat well, she got thin.

Shanti says she is as of now sound. He gives a dress to Shanti, and says I got this from Jaipur, Chaudhary gave this, check it, in the event that you can wear it, keep it, else provide for anybody you need. Shanti says size is great, Nimmi will wear this. Preeti thinks nobody will inquire as to myself, they all simply offer everything to Nimmi. Preeti goes to her room. She says I neglected to meet Lucky, I will message him.

Shanti calls Nimmi and requests that her wear that suit and demonstrate her. Nimmi gets the dress and says I will simply indicate it. Shanti takes a gander at her. Preeti goes out. Shanti says you can blend and match with any blue dupatta. Preeti quietly leaves from home. Sarla is concerned and says love for Ashok finished in heart, yet why am I frightened seeing him with Nirmala. Ashok gets cognizant and welcomes her.

Sarla says you were doing a great deal of things in the wake of drinking wine, you got hitched. Nirmala comes and requests that Ashok favor her. He gets stunned and yells, requesting that Nirmala clear out. Amit says she is your new lady of the hour. Ashok says you will go to hellfire. Amit says why, i will go to paradise. Ashok takes off. Sarla requests that Amit get Ashok, else anybody can inquire as to why is he wearing sherwani today. Kaushalya converses with Shanti.

Riya embraces Shivam and requests that him not get irate, else in what manner will he deal with their infant. He takes a gander at her and asks what did you say. She grins and says advise everybody to sit tight for quite a while, I will give you a football group. He chuckles and says I m understanding your feelings. He embraces her and asks what happened. She doesn’t say anything, when you are glad, you look okay, I get terrified when you get to be furious young fellow, toss your indignation for eternity. He says fine, guarantee. They grin.

Kaushalya approaches Raghav did he get anything for Preeti, its her birthday tomorrow. Raghav says I overlooked this. Kaushalya says you don’t recall that anybody’s birthday. He says don’t insult me, let me know what to do. She requests that he go to showcase and get something. He says I just came. Nimmi hears them and says we will purchase present for Preeti. Shanti says no compelling reason to stress, I got this saree for Preeti. Raghav says Amma spares me generally. He checks saree and preferences it, saying this is last.

Kaushalya says however this originated from Riya’s home at her marriage time. Shanti says yes, I kept this aside. Kaushalya says fine, its great. Shanti requests that Nimmi utilize her originator mind and accomplish something, Preeti ought not know its old. Nimmi goes. Shanti requests that Raghav take some rest. Raghav says I went for a long time and I sense that I m still in train. Amit and Rani stop Ashok. Prabha sees Ashok in sherwani and inquiries him.


Kaushalya and Nimmi advise Shanti that they need to astound Preeti. Shanti concurs for it.

Overhaul Credit to: Amena