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Ishqbaaz 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz eighteenth July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz eighteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode begins with Anika setting off to legal advisor’s office. A man says legal advisor has left city for few days. She asks what, he has my cash and papers. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea. She stresses and calls that legal advisor. His number is inaccessible. She sees Shivaye there. He grins and signs two. He says its only two days left for your annihilation, appreciate. He drives off. Anika cries and says you didn’t grab my well deserved cash, yet the opportunity to stay with my sibling.

Dadi tells Jhanvi that gem specialist came and requests that her get precious stones from the safe. Roop and Pinky arranged something and chuckle. Om goes to some spot and reviews Shivaye’s words about the workmanship display. Ishana strolls in and hurries to Om. She purposefully crashes into him and comes infront of him. She says I m too bad. He says its okay and goes.

She drops her bangle. He turns by sound. She grins and runs. He gets her out and picks the bangle. He goes to give her bangle. Ishana plays music and hits the dance floor with some gathering on Nachun mai aaj chamm… .. Om grins seeing her.

Dadi asks whats this joke, this is our familial family precious stones. Gem specialist says I m not kidding, these jewels are truly fake. Dadi says fine, you go, I will call you later. Roop says these were familial precious stones which you provided for your senior bahu to keep in safe. Jhanvi says I didn’t touch them, I kept it as mummy ji said. Roop says however somebody would have touched it. Pinky asks the value. Dadi says 20 crores. They get stunned. Pinky says its not a common thing, think well, did you drink much. Jhanvi says I truly don’t have a clue.

Shakti says its huge sum, you ought to have been watchful, where did jewels go. Jhanvi inquires as to why are you asking me, I don’t have a clue. Pinky says you kept it, somebody has stolen jewels. Roop asks who will take in this rich family. Pinky’s house keeper says Tej quit offering cash to Jhanvi, did she… . Pinky says quiets down, I will alter your teeth by fevicol in the event that you say anything. Jhanvi inquires as to why are all of you taking a gander at me, I m pure. Roop says yes, Jhanvi can pass on however not do this modest work. Pinky asks by what means will we get precious stones. Roop says we will check, if fake precious stones are here, genuine jewels will be here as well. Roop and Pinky grin.

Shivaye calls his companion and talks well. His companion says its my wedding commemoration tomorrow. Shivaye says well done. His companion says my better half requested 5 crores painting, you need to go ahead supper. Shivaye says I will come to see your 5 crores painting, and supper providing food from my side.

Ishana says Om was seeing me amid whole execution, he has come. Om says pardon me. She begins acting. He gives her bangle and takes off. Ishana converses with her companion on telephone and stops Om to say thanks to him. She says he is as yet going, what to do. The young lady requests that her discussion to Om. Ishana stops Om and asks his name. He says Omkara and gets clearing out. She says my name… .. take a gander at his state of mind, my enchantment did not work, SRK’s enchantment will work, I will say turn thrice and he will turn, lets attempt. She numbers and sits tight for him to turn. Om stops and she gets happy. Om sits to legitimate his garments and clears out. Ishana says I did as such much, I got prepared and moved, he didn’t stop, I m demolished, he didn’t ask my name, I will break this bangle, Om needs to become hopelessly enamored with me.

Pinky says Roop is stating right, we ought to look. Jhanvi says all of you uncertainty on me, if my family supposes I m criminal, its better that I go out. Roop says no, we simply need to discover jewels. Dadi says we won’t seek, as that will break trust, which is more than 20 crores. Roop says you have huge heart to spare the criminal. Dadi requests that Roop quiets down. Jhanvi says trust broke, I m sorry, I can’t stay here. Pinky stops her and says no compelling reason to go out, as you didn’t do the burglary, another person did that. Roop gets tensed.

Pinky expels the barrette to open Roop’s hair and every one of the precious stones tumble down on the floor. They all get stunned. Pinky says Roop did this and grins. She tells Jhanvi that I battle with you and sharp tongued, however I m your Devrani, I will never leave supporting you. Tej says its not your error Roop, its our oversight that we thought you transformed, you demonstrated your hues subsequent to coming here, you know the way out path, escape my home. Roop cries. Anika reviews Shivaye’s words and cries.


The man calls Anika and requests cooking administration for private gathering. She says beyond any doubt, let me know where to come. The man says I will send address. Shivaye made his chief call her. Shivaye hears her and says from today, all entryways will be closed for you.

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