Yeh Vaada Raha 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:

Area: Hospital

survi insults him on his wonderful recuperation, while kartik is tensed. she begins teasing him, about his recuperation, and how he is recovered, and the specialist ought to think about this as well. he cautions her. yet, she quieted him down saying that now she should talk and he tunes in. tai watches this from outside and is interested. survi removes his wraps inside, and uncovered how solid he really is. tai is astonished and interested to realize that kartik was performing. survi lashes and criticizes him, and discusses khushi’s worry and love, the young lady who is his closest companion, and requests that he think imagine a scenario in which she becomes acquainted with his truth. survi says that she has had enough of his demonstrations and never wishes to see him again, and on the off chance that she wishes, she can uncover and mortify him in

front of everybody, except she cannot stoop down to the same level, that he does, and cautions him to avoid her and her little girl’s life unequivocally. he is stunned. she then gives him the wedding card test that khushi chose herself. kartik is boggled, and asks whats this. tai is tensed feeling that she needs to intercede or else they both should realize that kartik didnt send it, yet she did. she surges inside, claiming to be stunned, with respect to how he was acting from the start. survi lashes and demonstrates his actual self to tai. tai stands tensedly, as survi says that its great she saw with her own eyes. he wrencehs her hand, and requests that her take a gander at herself, and contemplate over what she did to him. tai requests that him not make a scene here. he denies, saying that he should, settle this for the last time with her today. he says that she consented to jatin’s marriage, to conceal her one falsehood, and that he just needed her to acknowledge reality, however he didnt know she could do this. he says that he deferred the marriage with this mischance dramatization, yet she wanted to wed and consequently came here with the card. he attacks pieces, before her. he is unaware that khushi remains in the entryway, looking at this, tears gushing down her cheeks. Kartik exclaims that he was faking a break, just with the goal that he could get their marriage interceded. survi is tensed. Simply then, khushi comes and is astounded as she hears everything. she cries and reproves him for lying about his guarantee to her, that he might get her folks wedded. she eyes the torn bits of the card and lifts them up, candidly upset. she asks how might he be able to tear them. tai miracles whats this new dramatization, and begins getting tensed. he is tensed and goes to her, while she cries indiscernibly. he twists on his knees, and apologizes attempting to make her see, however she pushes his hand away. she says that he isnt a pleasant uncle, and she might never converse with him, and that she abhors him. survi is bothered. others observe tensedly as well. kartik is troubled. khushi surges out and crashes into lata, who is astounded. kartik and survi surge out to deal with her. lata is stunned to see kartik fine. survi hurries to her little girl. he tries to talk, however survi lashes asking that its enough, and asks what number of more individuals he means to torment and torment, especially when these individuals cherish him alongside his flaws and deficiencies. he tries again to converse with khushi, however survi takes her in her lap, and begins exiting. he pursues her, yet khushi dismisses. the whole family observes tensedly. he is apalled as she leaves with khushi.

Scene 2:

Area: Kartik’s living arrangement

Lata censures him before the whole family. she asks what has he get to be and how she cannot remember him at all now, and inquires as to why he did what he did. Lata says that she was constantly frightened of this, as he generally considers himself, and never tries to ponder what might his family experience. tai says that she knows why kartik did this. lata requests that her stop, as she has constantly supported him in this, and asks how would she be able to not to say anything, and be with him in the arrangement. he says that tai knows nothing in regards to it. kishore asks the reason. all sit tight for an answer. he leaves from that point, yet lata stops him and requests that he react first and afterward leave, and inquires as to why is he doing this. tai is tensed. he doesnt listen by any means, frequented by what khushi said and leaves hurriedly from that point.

Scene 3:

Area: Survi’s habitation

Jatin comes to khushi as she returns morose with survi, and inquires as to whether she at long last met kartik. she doesnt say anything and surges inside. he is boggled. survi describes everything that happened. survi says that khushi saw sham and treachery interestingly, and is influenced. he says that its great that she got uncovered, and she needs to face it, today or tomorrow, and they cannot secure her eternity. he guarantees her that she should be fine, as her mom, survi is there to guide her, and show her the distinction amongst good and bad, and be there as her shield. survi is tensed.

In her room, khushi is spooky by what kartik did to her, in the clothing of being a genuine companion. survi and jatin come to attempt and perk her up, with her most loved pastry, yet she isnt intrigued. they are tensed, as she asks them for what valid reason do individuals lie. survi advises her that such individuals are terrified of reality, and cant acknowledge it, and they feel, that misrepresenting reality, may transform it, yet it doesnt happen that way, and very individuals are frail and dreadful, dissimilar to her little girl who is solid. he purposefully rebukes with her, saying that she isnt. yet, khushi wipes her tears and grins, saying that kartik misled her as well, and is resolved that se might get them wedded, welcome everybody, and do every one of the game plans. survi and jatin are stunned to hear this, as she says that she wont lie ever.

Later, kartik touches base at her entryway, and survi is stunned to see him. he inquires as to whether he may come in. she asks what does he need now, and if there is whatever other heart left to be perpetrated torment on, that he has come. he comes in still, as she stands tensedly. tears stream down his cheeks, as he says that he wishes for pardoning. she is stunned, as she turnsd around and discovers his passionate face. he says that today when khushi cried, he understood what a narrow minded individual he is, and that he is hostage by his own annoyance, and noone knows this about him, more than she herself. he requests that her not feel that he has come to legitimize himself, as he has really come to acknowledge his violations, as he has tormented numerous individuals ordinarily, and committed one error after the other, suspecting that one may stop the torment after the other, however futile, and now the circumstance is such that notwithstanding breathing gets to be agonizing, and cant even have a second of peace. he says that he attempted to misrepresent what the heart says, however couldnt, and consequently he has come to apologize for what he did, and asks for pardoning. she is shell stunned and staggered. he says that khushi’s tears have transformed him into a decent leaf, and that she was correct, that he is childish, and has dependably been so worried to consider paying off his agony, that he overlooked hers, and has dependably pondered his torment, and had overlooked, that she excessively lost her kid, and she would be in torment as well. she apologizes. the screen solidifies all over.

Precap: Kartik tells survi, as he curves down, saying that he wishes to have her back in his life, and might make her and khushi his family. he says that he wishes to make the them two, his life.