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Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 8

Journey of Love (KKB) Chapter 8

Hey folks trust u all r fine.. Much obliged to you for all ur love.. Thank u each and everybody I’m completely lowered of ur affection and reaction thank you so to such an extent.. BTW u ppl r saying that in the wake of understanding this u ppl feel loose and happy..glad to hear that..I’m upbeat about myself that I can make a few persons to free from their stress..And genuinely ur beautiful remarks are my anxiety breakers.. Thank u just for those anxiety breaking remarks..

How about we get into the story..

Pragya was thinking,How to get motivation to met Abhi.It practically evening even educational time is going to over she is in her last hour.Kids are simply stuffed their bagpacks and sitting tight for the chime to ring..but still Pragya didn’t get any thought to meet Abhi.Here,Abhi was feeling bad.Nikkil asks,Abhi..r u Ok.Abhi says,No bro..I’m not okay..well Pragya called me to meet but rather I refused..I didn’t meet her today..if I didn’t reprove her yesterday beyond any doubt she may come here by making senseless reasons..I miss her.Nikkil grins n says,Thats love Abhi..how much u attempt to cover up or overlook u can’t do that.Abhi grins n says,When u got to be affection master Mr.Nikkil.Nikkil chuckles n says,Im dependably an adoration guru..feel allowed to ask any assistance from me okay.Abhi grins n says,Okay come how about we go we have a meeting with Commissioner na.Nikkil says,Haa..sure he won’t say anything big..this range u need to deal with that are u..blah..blah..Abhi snickers n asks,Whr is Alia.Alia is on out duty..she is enjoying.Abhi says,Okay now come how about we go.Here Pragya got a call.Pragya says,Oops.. again Purab on the off chance that I let him know I didn’t meet him he ll scold..with a wavering he goes to the call n says,Hello..Purab and Bulbul shouts,What happened u met him ryt??what he said?Pragya says,No..not yet..I didn’t get any idea..Purab says,Pragz..u upset me I won’t converse with u.Bulbul says,Di..u r waste..u r worth for bak just n gets resentful n closes the call.Pragya says,What I ll do.. these two na not in any way understanding my situation..oh no..wht to do sits sad.Suddenly she heard two children r battling thr.

Pragya goes to them n asks,Why u both battling like this..my head is blasting on ur shout.Kid one says,Maam he stole my kitty pencil u know maam my father purchased it from Goa.Pragya asks,Goa??Pencil??Kid two says,Maam..she stole my eraser..it’s batman eraser ma’am..I purchased it from Delhi.Pragya’s eyes enlarged n says,Both of u give back the stolen stuffs and keep quiet.Kid one says,Maam I didn’t took his batman eraser.Kid two says,Maam even I didn’t took her kitty pencil.Pragya says,Then who stole ur stuffs..n asks to every one of the children did anybody took their pencil and eraser.One kid says,Maam..they both didn’t give us a chance to try and to touch that.Pragya holds her head.Kid one begins to cry n says,I need my kitty pencil.Kid two too cries,I too need my Batman eraser.Suddenly the ringer rang.Pragya says,Okay now both return back ur stuffs.Kid one says,Maam I didn’t took his eraser.Kid two said the same.Pragya says,Okay how about we speak it about tomorrow else transport ll leave without picking us come we should go.They both cries.Pragya says,Arey..come I ll get u new one for u both okay.The kids grins wide and runs with her.In transport Pragya got an idea.Pragya goes to driver and says,Bhai..stop the transport close to the police control panel.Driver says,Okay.Pragya grins n says,Pragya u r truly awesome and acknowledge herself.

Here Abhi got out from meeting n says,This magistrate is duffer.Nikkil grins n says,I told u na.Abhi says,Really I felt sluggish when he is talking how boring..even we know wht to do in circumstance Afterall we are prepared na.Nikkil says,Chill..but Alia escaped.Abhi says,No he ll take her class through Walky talky and smiles.Nikkil laughs.A school transport halted thr before their office.Nikkil says,Hey Abhi look thr school bus.Abhi says,St.Joseph school transport.. Chashmish’s na.Nikkil grins n says,Okay then Im leaving appreciate and left.Abhi says,This Chashmish na..See I going to admonish her severely y she is doing this..I acknowledge I miss her however I don’t wanna threat her life.. why she is not understanding this n he got to be lil bit outrage on himself and on Pragya too.Pragya comes thr with those two kids.Kid one asks,Maam whr we r going.Pragya says,To discover ur pencil and eraser.Abhi goes close Pragya n asks,Chashmish I advised u not to come here na..y can’t u comprehend well u r convoluting things..and he goes on.Pragya stops him n says,Hello..Mr.ACP I’m here for authority purpose.Abhi ponders n asks,Official stuff?What do u mean? Pragya says,Yes..wait..Bachoo..Tell everything to this uncle he ll help u.Abhi asks,What n takes a gander at the kids.Pragya says,Come on,by taking a gander at the kids.Kids looks lil bit afraid.Pragya says,Okay lemme tell him.ACP sir he is Rahul and she is Anjali.Abhi blinks.Pragya says,ACP sir..hear me unmistakably okay..Rahul is griping that Anjali had stolen his Batman eraser..Anjali is grumbling that Rahul had stolen her Kitty pencil.Abhi asks,What tty..what pencil eraser.. Chashmish what’s all this,said in indignation dissatisfaction.

Rahul : No uncle,I didn’t stole her Kitty pencil.

Anjali : Uncle he is a liar..he stole my kitty pencil.

Abhi : What pencil..Titty ??

Pragya Rahul and Anjali giggles

Pragya : Titty nahi Kitty..Kitty..

Anjali : Uncle u don’t know kitty? *In a teasing tone*?

Abhi : No,who is he.. Superman sort for sure? *Askes innocently*?

Pragya : Offooo!!! It’s an adorable lil cat..cartoon character.?

Abhi : What *anger* ?

Rahul : Arey leave that.. Uncle..she stole my Batman eraser..she is a liar.

Anjali : Hey..duffer..liar..u let me know na my kitty pencil looking pretty so u just stole that.

Rahul : Hey.. try not to call me duffer..

Anjali : Duffer… duffer..duffer..

Rahul : *pull Anjali’s hair*

Anjali : *messes Rahul’s hair*

Pragya Laughs at them.Abhi asks,Whts this.Pragya says,We need those vanished Kitty pencil and Batman eraser.Abhi asks,Pragya..this is excessively much,yelled Abhi.Pragya says,Sir..u have, making it impossible to discover na as a police.Abhi shouts,U r offending my employment ryt.Anjali says,Rahul… I thought Ma’am just caught in our trap however this uncle excessively caught n giggles.Rahul gives hifi n indicates them Kitty pencil and Batman eraser from their pack n giggles.Pragya’s eyes augmented n she chuckles n says,Naughties..Rahul and Anjali rushed to the bus.The transport moved from thr..by waving hand to Pragya.Pragya too waves her hand n swings to Abhi n says,Naughties hey na.

Abhi gazes at her n leaves her.Pragya tails him n says,Y u r getting furious for this..They even tricked me relax they r kids they ll constantly like this.Abhi says,I know.Pragya asks,So u r outrage on me ryt..I didn’t get whatever other approach to meet u so just I attempted this.Abhi asks,Are u mad?Y can’t u comprehend Pragya this is not alright for u..u r meandering here simply think any young lady ll come here frequently..u know this is the spot loads of awful eyes are around us they may hurt u..y can’t u comprehend that damn it.Pragya says,Yes..bad eyes are here..but I don’t mind..I’m only here to see this eyes express this quite a bit of nurture me..I’m only here to make myself comfortable..Im simply here coz of u and just for u..I’m only here to tell that I’m enamored with you..by soul..by heart..by mind..I’m in adoration and Im clear abt my feelings..I don’t know how it happened however I wanna feel u everywhere on my life’s end..I’m only here to tell this not more.Abhi simply look in shock..but he wanna yell bounce and shout in delight as she too felt the same as he feel..but something stops him his heart wanna him to admit his inclination with her and make her upbeat yet his cerebrum is cautioning him that his joy that he going to give her now is going to grab her satisfaction everywhere on her life..his eyes were wet..he was in blended feelings he doesn’t have words or guts to express this..he truly feeling quitter and defenseless surprisingly that too before his love..his life..he didn’t motivate mettle to advise anything to her..He just wanna give her the bone pounding embrace and wanna yell in joy yet he himself opposing him..He was abt to say something yet he don’t recognize what he going to say…

Pragya sees his face n thinks,Wht he is having in his psyche now..y he is appearance less..this is his difficulty or dissatisfaction.. Ridiculously I couldn’t hear no or anything negative from him..oh no he was attempting to say something..i truly don’t have mettle to hear anything.. anything n says,ACP sir..I needn’t bother with any responses for this..i just admitted what I feel..i won’t approach u for any answers OK don’t stress and she swung to leave.Abhi calls her,Pragya… ,his voice was shaky.Pragya turns towards him n thinks,No..I can’t hear anything now..her eyes were begun to fill..Abhi says,Pragya..I’m sorry..I’m not prepared to get into any relationship.. Coz i can give numerous reasons.. really I habituated in being single..i adoration to be alone..i love this depression I don’t need anybody to take away it..I wanna act naturally so let it be..I don’t need a man neither in my home nor in my life..I regard ur sentiments yet u merit somebody superior to anything me..who makes u upbeat always..who ll never hurt u for anything..so we should be what we were before generally as friends.Pragya says,I told u na I needn’t bother with any answers at any rate u told abt ur part..I mean ur emotions.. I too regard ur emotions and it’s dependable too..love ur loneliness..and ACP sir..I know who and what I deserve..And I truly feel love for u I don’t know I can ready to be a companion with u in the wake of having affections for u..coz I ll consider u to be my love..u ll think of me as generally as ur frnd it won’t work.. Companionship is the thing that both sharing same feeling with no shrouded feelings..So I think I can’t be a decent companion to u..but I ll try..i know I ll come up short in my attempt.. In any case pleasant to meet you today particularly I like that minute how ur face made entertaining mistook appearances for those children I feel I was remaining between 3 kids,she made a grin while saying this..anyways bye..take care..,by saying this she left by mama