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Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 23

Destiny Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (aka Taharth) Pyaar Ki…) Episode 23

Predetermination Vs. Love. (Thahaan Tiran Sidni (otherwise known as Taharth) Pyaar Ki… ) Episode 23

(Scene 24-26 every one of the couples will get back together) I am so sorrrrrrrrrryyyyy a major one… . Well thank you such a great amount of everybody for remarking and making me generally reach to 100 – 200 Comments!!! What’s more, we have achieved twenty three episodes!!!!.. Simply bolster me and dependably grin since you folks rock like a sparkling stars. Nusz (Love you folks aha xx)

Tiran known has-Asya (from Qubool Hai) and Taharth known has-Sidni (from Jamai Raja)

Join for every one of the scenes DVL aha xx.

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In any case we should begin with the scene.


At Pandey Family’s House

Thapki and Siddharth pursue upstairs listening to Bihaan shouting Tanya’s name…

Thapki: Siddharth hear me out… (She pulls him aside)

Sid: Thapki what’s happening with you?

Thapki: Listen to me precisely…

Sid: What’s off-base? Accomplished something happen to Tanya, I have to go see her… .

Thapki: Listen to me first

Sid: Okay

Thapki: Remember when I descended running… I saw Tia come after she looked tragic… She said Tanya and Roshni? I didn’t get that…

Sid: What do you mean Tanya and Roshni?

Thapki: I don’t have the foggiest idea, yet that is the thing that I heard her say…

Bihaan shouts to call the specialist


Thapki: Siddharth… (at the top of the priority list): I have to discover how Tanya is connected with Roshni?

Siddharth then goes into the room and sees Tanya’s hand dying… He runs towards her and administers to her while Bihaan looks on…

Thapki: I have to go see what Siddharth is doing… If Bihaan discover something then he will bring about a more concerning issue…

Sid: Tanya why did you isn’t that right? Tanya please wake up…

Bihaan (as a primary concern): Why is Sid so stressed over Tanya like this? Didn’t he abhor Tanya?


DD (as a main priority): I can’t do this any longer… I have to converse with them… (She leaves the room without anybody seeing her)

Dadi: Everyone please go first floor, everything is over you can go home…

Vasu: The specialist is en route…

Sid: Bihaan how could this happen?

Bihaan: I just saw her lying this way

Dhruv: When somebody tries to damages others… The torment returns to them… .

Bihaan takes a gander at Dhruv furiously while Dhruv grimaces at him…

Sid: I won’t let anything transpire…

Bihaan gets stunned while Dhruv gets confounded… Then out of the blue Thapki lands there

Bihaan: Wait a moment, why do you administer to Tanya?

Thapki (at the top of the priority list): Oh no if Bihaan gets some answers concerning Siddharth and Tanya’s relationship it would bring about an issue…

Bihaan: Sid, what is happening between both of you?

Sid: I…

Thapki: Bihaan let me clear one thing for you… If Siddharth thinks about somebody like that it implies he has a major dislike a few people…

Bihaan takes a gander at Thapki…

Dhruv: Well Thapki isn’t say anything incorrectly…

Sid: Stop it you folks, take a gander at Tanya (He conveys her to quaint little inn her set down)

Simply then Vasu and the specialist go into the room and swathes Tanya’s hand… and the specialist gives drug and leaves with Vasu… .

Sid: I can’t do this any longer… I adore her much… I need to be with her…

Thapki takes a gander at Siddharth and feels so terrible… Then she takes a gander at Bihaan who comes towards her…

Bihaan: We have to talk

Thapki: But I would prefer not to converse with you

Sid: Bihaan abandon her hand

Bihaan: Who are you to stop me?

Thapki: He is my…

Sid: I am her future spouse…

Bihaan: But I have to converse with her…

Bihaan drags her and Thapki tries to stop him…


Thapki then takes a gander at Siddharth and he understands that she needs him to stay with Tanya…


Another room

Bihaan drags Thapki’s hand and how about we go generally…

Bihaan: What’s your issue? You think I don’t see you lying? What sort of young lady would you say you are? You’re attempting to overlook me before Sid… You likewise demolished my kinship with him… What else do you need?

Thapki: Whoa Bihaan, I’ve committed a major error beginning to look all starry eyed at you

Bihaan: Wait shouldn’t I be stating that you to you?

Thapki: How childish would you be able to be, let me let you know one thing… You will understand your mix-up by destroying individuals’ affection for each other…

Thapki was going to leave when Bihaan pulls her back and pushes Thapki against the divider… He holds her hands up…

Thapki: Bihaan what the heck would you say you are doing?

Bihaan: Look at me and say you don’t love me

Thapki: I don’t love you…

Bihaan: You didn’t investigate my eyes Thapki…

Thapki investigates his eyes and says…

Thapki: I don’t love you…

Bihaan comes nearer to her… She shuts her eyes…

Bihaan: Thank you for demonstrating that I can’t love somebody like you…

Bihaan then how about we her go… He takes a gander at her and she thinks back… She flees from that point and Bihaan gets irate and punches his punching sack… .

Bihaan: Why Thapki? Was my adoration for you that feeble?


Tanya’s room

Tanya was resting her quaint little inn was going to leave when she holds his hand… She didn’t comprehend what she was doing in light of the fact that Tanya was dozing and thinking Siddharth was with her…

Tanya: Siddharth don’t abandon me… I can’t survive without you… please remove me from these ladies… I need to live under a house in your arms…

Siddharth pivots and gets enthusiastic…

Tanya: Siddharth please sit with me and don’t walk out on me… They’re compelling me…

Sid: Forcing you?

Tanya: Yes… . Since in the event that I don’t… (She then nods off)

Sid: Tanya!!!

Thapki then goes into the room

Thapki: Siddharth we have to leave at this moment…

Sid: Thapki, Tanya was letting me know something

Thapki: What did she say?

Sid: She said somebody is constraining…

Thapki gets stunned…

Thapki: What?

Sid: Yes she was attempting to let me know something

Thapki: What is it?

Sid: I have to stay here and discover what Tanya is stowing away

Thapki: No Siddharth you can’t do that

Sid: What do you mean I can’t?

Thapki: Have you overlooked this is Bihaan house

Sid: Thapki you know something, Bihaan has changed into such an egotistical person

Thapki doesn’t say anything and remains there unobtrusively

Sid: I don’t know why he doesn’t trust in anybody other then what he seen

Thapki: Siddharth we have to take off

Sid: Thapki why aren’t you notwithstanding listening to me?

Thapki: I would prefer not to discuss it

Thapki eyes are filled in tears and Siddharth pursues her…


Outside Pandey Mansion/Bihaan’s room

Sid: Thapki hear me out

Bihaan: This Thapki never listens to me… But at whatever point I am with her I feel like… . Ugh I shouldn’t say these things she as of now tricked me once she can do it once more…

Bihaan was going to leave the room when he sees blood on the floor

Bihaan: Blood where did this originate from? (At that point he recalls)


Bihaan: Thapki why are you deceiving yourself?

Thapki: Bihaan you’re harming my hands

Bihaan: And the torment you gave me?

Thapki: Bihaan let me go

*Flashback ends*

Bihaan: Oh god I hurt her hands when I was pushing her against the divider… Whenever I see her it would appear that she could never do a wonder such as this… What on the off chance that somebody is attempting to outline… ? I have to go say sorry to learn before she leaves (He comes up short on his room and surges first floor)

Back outside Pandey Mansion it’s down-pouring vigorously every visitor has gone out at this point and it’s as of now night.

Thapki was going to leave when Siddharth holds her hand. Thapki was in agony when he touched her hand since it was seeping from that point…

Thapki: Eh (She had tears in her eyes)

Sid: Thapki why are you crying

And after that he takes a gander at her hand

Sid: Thapki how could this happen?

Thapki: It doesn’t make a difference we have to leave and find where Tia and Karan Bhai went

Sid: First let me know why your hand is dying?

Thapki: It’s nothing Siddharth, we should go and it’s as of now raining as well

Sid: Stop deceiving yourself I know Bihaan hurt you when he took you to his room

Thapki: It’s in no way like that

Sid drags Thapki and holds her shoulder and asks her something

Sid: what number times would you say you are going to test yourself?

Thapki falls on the ground and cries

Thapki: Every time my folks gets offended as a result of me, even individuals advise Tia not to be with me since I am a young lady who stammers relentless and you know something else why might somebody ever cherish me? Each time my folks need me to wed somebody they generally say I am feeble and abandon me… I had three relational unions that broke and when I succumbed to Bihaan he was the person who taught me the significance of adoration yet now he generally points the finger at me everything, why might I ever cherish somebody on the off chance that I was with him over three months? What was my wrongdoing (She’s crying in agony)

Siddharth takes a gander at Thapki who is crying and he lifts her up.

Sid: I guarantee when I get Tanya I will discover somebody who will keep you more satisfied

Thapki: No I would prefer not to begin to look all starry eyed at again… The main person I have cherished is Bihaan…

Sid (as a main priority): Thapki why are you so kind-hearted for her

Thapki: I don’t need any other individual tragic in my life in light of (She cries to such an extent)

Sid embraces Thapki thus does she

Sid: You’re the sweetest young lady, you have dependably helped everybody

Bihaan comes running outside and sees Thapki and Siddharth embracing each other under the downpour and gets stunned

Bihaan: Whoa what a wonderful motion picture scene

Thapki and Siddharth break the embrace


Center of the avenues

Karan: HEY YOU WAIT!!!!!! (He runs quicker)

Rohan (as a main priority): This Pagal saw me now his going to pursue me until the end of time

At that point his goons come there and encompass Karan and Rohan

Karan snatches Rohan and punches him however doesn’t see his face


Rohan pushes Karan and his goons come and beat Karan up gravely

Rohan: You doltish moron how could you pummel me

Karan pushes the goons with his muscles and they all tumble down on the ground

Karan: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (He pushes them)

Rohan then tries running again yet Kabir holds him

Kabir: You hinder how could you punch