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Vishkanya 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya twentieth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vardaan returns home meeting sanctuary woman and offers prasad to Kumkum and Malay lying it is prasad. Apu comes and offers sandesh to Malay and says he loves it a great deal and she set it up. Malay says following Vardaan gave him prasad to start with, he will eat that. Vardaan says it is great time to demonstrate Apu’s ability, she ought to get ready Satyanarayan pooja prasad tomorrow, thinking back sanctuary woman words that Apu will lose her forces tomorrow. Apu thinks why vardaan needs to make her prasad when she will writhe in torment tomorrow.

In room, Malay medical attendants Vardaa’s injury and apologizes her. She says she needs his adoration and not sensitivity. He says he is liable and inquires as to whether she cherishes him or not. She says it is unessential and thinks about floor. Malay considers quaint little inn tomorrow he will advise Vardaanwhat she needs to listen. Apu sees this by means of window and exhaust that Vardan is exceptionally astute and needs to get Malay, however she won’t give that a chance to happen.

Apu goes to her room and feels extremely powerless over night. Kalpana takes a gander at calender and tells Dida that tomorrow is amavasya and Apu will be extremely frail and will turn blue.

In the morning, Vardaan begins pooja. Malay inquires as to why so early today. She says today she needs uncommon gifts from god and asks god to uncover Apu’s mystery today. Apu comes and tells Malay likes her singing. Vardaan says she can sing aarti then. Apu sings bhajan and her hand turns blue. She hacks and thinks back Kalpana cautioning her not to strive on amavasya. She says she is getting powerless and will go and rest. Vardaan says she needs to get ready prasad and can’t rest, supposes she will uncover Apu today and will show her out of house.

Kalpana with Dida holds up in overhang to see Apu. Apu opens entryway and gets basic needs. She grins at Kalpana and Dida, yet Vardan returns and Apu goes in. Sanctuary woman comes to meet Vardaan. Kalpana thinks who is she and goes close to listen their discussion. Vardaan asks woman how can she know she stays here. Woman says she knows everythign, gives some powder and says in the event that she sprinkles on malevolence soul, she will never draw close to this house. Kalpana gets tensed listening to their discussion.

Precap: Apu goes up against Vardaan that she knows it is her grimy trap. Vardaan says she requesting that her go herself, however she didn’t, today in the wake of getting presented she needs to leave at any expense.