Meri Saasu Maa

Meri Saasu Maa

Meri Saasu Maa 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:

Area: Isolated Barn

Pari asks for the tote, yet he says that they should talk first. he says that had he been in his place, he would have had taken reprisal as well. he slaps another person and asks what his response would be. at that point he insults that this educator is great. he takes the handbag, and offers it to her, bowing before her. she takes it. he requests that her leave painstakingly however. she surges out, however before she can leave, he requests that her check the satchel first atleast. she checkes and thinks that its vacant, and is stunned. he says that his maths has been frail, and afterward creates the cash that he took from her satchel, and as he tallies it, she tries to grab it from him. Brjnath obscenely proposes that she is contemplating a negligible 7000, while she can profit than this, by

just going through a few hours with him. she is dismayed at the suggestion. he says that she slapped her before everybody, demonstrating extraordinary guts and now she should need to apologize before the school, with the same guts, as he took it to the heart. she is stunned. he keeps provoking in the matter of how he should pay her for her misstep now. he says that on the off chance that this doesnt happen, and as he excels, his leg gets caught in the rope lying underneath, and after that he jumps at her, while the rope flies and entraps around them, as they attempt to separate it, yet it keeps on tangling more, while they both eye each other clumsily, weaved in the woolen strings. she frantically tries to get free, while he stands paralyzed as he eyes her. In her endeavor, she falls and soils herself and surges out hurriedly, while he eyes her.

Scene 2:

Area: Maasa’s habitation

Pari returns back in her displeased and troubled state, murmuring condemnations for that person, while maasa asks what happened and whats off-base. pari tells what happened. maasa is tensed. pari requests that her not stress, as she might orchestrate cash by tomorrow. maasa requests that her not stress, as they might oversee. pari takes a seat, while maasa gets her a glass of water. the bloodsucker proprietor ventures in, and pari apologizes plentifully, with collapsed hands, that she wouldnt have the capacity to pay lease today. he asks her not to, as he has accompanied solicitation, to go to his home, with the goal that they can talk. maasa mediates furiously, and says that her little girl might not go anyplace, and she should give the cash tomorrow. he begins condemning and sassing maasa, while pari requests that he talk graciously to her mom. he is rankled. pari keeps on asking, while maasa requests that her not overlap hands before this bloodsucker. he requests that her not talk this way, and requests that pari get back home. pari says that she wont come, and requests that he get lost. he says that its his home, and they havent even paid the rent, and afterward persuasively takes her hand, while maasa requests that he leave, or else the police should be called. he gets enraged and chooses to show them a lesson.

While the whole group watches, as they assemble around, he tosses their stuff out on the floor, while pari and maasa watch astounded. he says that now he should perceive how she shields her little girl from the world. they both get things resignedly. her dad strolls past, and is stunned to see pari like this. he requests that her return home right at this point. PAri requests that him not compel her to go home, as she cannot return home, since she doesnt need strain in his relationship. maasa eyes tensedly as she gets stuff. he implores her to get back home, as this wont happen. pari asks him not to embarass her, and not do this. he demands, however she denies and can’t. at that point she asks maasa is she called him. maasa gets up and requests to what extent, she might have the capacity to shield her from this perilous world. she stands tensedly.

Scene 3:

Area: Pari’s dad’s habitation

Pari’s dad gets pari and maasa home, while shashi exhaust, and the principal thing she asks is to what extent they should stay here. he says that its their home, and they can stay for whatever length of time that they need. she gets irate and gets up, inadvertently dropping the vegetable plate. pari and maasa get down to lifting them up. shashi grins. she insults and discusses how maasa’s tone and air has changed, since she lost her name, acclaim and status, and focuses out how she is neediness stricken today. pari tries to talk, yet maasa close her. he requests that shashi quit talking this way, as they are his visitors, and this is his home, and they might stay here the length of they wish. shashi gets furious and leaves, requesting that he do whatever he wishes. maasa harms herself and muffles, and they hurry to get water. pari says that she has one condition, on the off chance that she stays here, he should take rent, as she is as of now in issues, and implores him to concur. he consents. shashi insults as to how indecent she seems to be, that her child passed on, and she came here to ask. maasa is troubled.

Later, pari tries to reassure maasa, who is crying wildly. she implores her to stop, despite the fact that she knows the amount she is harmed. maasa discusses how destiny handled her such an awful family who abandoned her like this. pari requests that her solid, and battle against predetermination. maasa says that she is drained, and isnt ready to battle any longer, since all trust is lessening. pari is tensed. maasa curses the destiny and the general population, who landed them in this state. pari says that they should pay for their transgressions.

Scene 4:

Area: Police Station

Pari says that she has come to document a grievance against Bunty chauhan, for robbery of cash. the hawaldar is stunned to hear this, and begins roaring, while she requests that he consider it important. he says that he cannot document this dissension. she wishes to know the reason. Simply then, bunty enters with his goons, saying that this police headquarters is his lone, and her work wont complete here. he comes and welcomes everybody, while she stands tensedly. he keeps animatedly bantering with the policemen, while in a roundabout way implying to pari, about the accentuation of too bad. he apologizes with others to pari, who tells the assessor, for the cash to be recovered. the overseer swings to him, and bunty races to her, and says that he is in no rush. she implores him to give back the cash and not take it further. he additionally says that she neednt take it further, and patch what botch she made, as she comprehends what to do. she feels that her circumstance isnt positive, and she has no other route yet to apologize. The screen solidifies on her tensed face.

Precap: Bunty cautions pari that she needs to stay in her breaking points and stature as a lady, and under the men. she leaves from that point, irate yet made. He requests that his goons discover each detal about her experience, as he eyes her tensedly.