Tuesday , March 14 2017

Kremlin confirms Putin and Erdogan to meet in Russia early August

Kremlin confirms Putin and Erdogan to meet in Russia early August

MOSCOW: The Kremlin affirmed on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish partner Recep Tayyip Erdogan plan to meet in Russia toward the beginning of August.

“A meeting amongst Putin and Erdogan is being readied and worked out. They concurred that the meeting will be in the initial 10 days of August,” Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov told writers.

“It will be in Russia, yet the city and the date are as yet being solidified,” Peskov said.

This will be the pioneers’ first up close and personal meeting following late June when Russia said Erdogan apologized for Turkey shooting down a Russian warrior plane in November a year ago.

The bringing down of the warrior plane on the Syrian outskirt had smashed ties between the recent partners.

Turkish state media had provided details regarding Sunday that the pioneers would meet in the main week of August without giving an area, citing presidential sources.

Putin called Erdogan on Sunday to express his backing after the end of a fizzled putsch in Turkey and the Kremlin said the two pioneers affirmed arrangements to meet sooner rather than later.

Turkey said Monday it has kept two pilots who assumed a part in bringing down the Russian plane over connections to the fizzled putsch.