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Over 260 people are missing, says Bangladesh

Over 260 people are missing, says Bangladesh

DHAKA: Officials on Wednesday reported that no less than 261 individuals crosswise over Bangladesh were absent. The nation’s world class security constrain, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), distributed the rundown on Facebook around midnight and approached nationals to report the whereabouts of the missing.

“We need to discover them,” RAB representative Mufti Mahmud Khan told AFP.

The legislature requested the security authorities to examine the rundown in the wake of two noteworthy dread assaults by aggressors who were lost for quite a long time.

Associated individuals with a homegrown dread gathering killed 20 individuals, incorporating 18 nonnatives in an assault on an upscale bistro in Dhaka prior this month.

The Islamic State later guaranteed obligation regarding the assault — a declaration rejected by the powers.

The frightful homicides were trailed by another challenging strike on the country’s biggest Eid supplication assembly in which three individuals and an assailant were slaughtered in a gunfight in a northern Bangladesh town.

Police and guardians said the five aggressors at the bistro attack and no less than two shooters at the Eid savagery were lost for a considerable length of time.

“In the event that there are any missing relatives, please let us know, don’t be anxious about the possibility that that law-authorization organizations will take your children away,” said RAB boss Benazir Ahmed.

“Their lives and different lives can be spared on the off chance that they are found.”

Nearby media outlets have reported that many individuals, including specialists, designers and understudies from world class colleges have made a trip to the Middle East to join the IS.

In one case, engineer Najibullah Ansari was absent for over a year when his folks connected with the police after the legislature dispatched the battle to represent the nation’s missing.

As per his family, Ansari last reached his more youthful sibling in January 2015 by means of Facebook, saying he was in war-torn Iraq battling with jihadists.

“I have come to Iraq. Advise father and mother not to stress for me. I have come here for jihad,” read the message as per a screen shot seen by neighborhood day by day Dhaka Tribune.

“I will stay away forever home,” he included.